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NBA Friday 3/2

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  • NBA Friday 3/2

    ytd 155-153 (-5.14 units)

    Bucks +6
    Hornets +5.5 (+100)
    Heat +4 (-105)

    2 units each

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    Damn....opposites....GL with the rest :thumbs:


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      I'm really tempted to play Miami. How often is Shaq ever a home dog? Looks like the pub loves Detroit too. May hit it closer to tip, I'm only getting 3.5 right now.


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        Ever since the injury to Wade, it looks like some rattled Shaq's cage a little, plus I really like playing NBA teams with their "star" out because the books nearly always over-adjust the line due to the public pounding they're going to take on the other side.

        Add the opponent as Detroit and the line is adjusted even more.

        I've noticed that this works for MOST NBA teams. It doesn't seem to work too good for Houston though for example. They seem to be pretty putrid without T-Mac in the line up more times than not.

        Likewise, Boston really sucked without Paul Pierce....although their lines got so large that they still covered at a pretty decent rate.

        Eventually the lines will level out if Miami keeps doing well without D Wade, but until then, whenever that is, they'll be a team I'll be looking to play....unless they start to really suck, lol


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          GL with rest of Miami man.

          I have no idea why I decided not to play that game after it was on my card. :bang:

          hope it hits

          "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
          -Big Pimpin-


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            Houston +4

            2 units

            Couldn't believe I found a line that was a full point higher than what every other book has. I liked this game all day due to the fact that I'm getting a team who plays defense as a dog against one who does not....and was considering it earlier, but passed on it. When I saw this line though, I had to grab it. Hopefully it doesn't bite me resulting in Houston being blown out.