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***Tuesday NBA***

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  • ***Tuesday NBA***

    Straight 231-214 +30.17 units

    Dog MLs 18-37 +8.46 units

    Positive day yesterday, though overs accounted for too many losses. Still a bit pissed I didn't lay the chalk on the Celtics game & play the Cavs under. Was quite confident on those. Lakers did their thing last night, which sets up a nice situational play on Feb 8.

    Thoughts on today's matchups....

    Hawks/Bulls- Double revenge for the Bulls, who are off a loss @NY. The first meeting between these two teams was a 113-108 road win for the Hawks. They lead by as many as 13, though without Josh Smith. The BUlls were without Hinrich & Gooden. The second meeting saw the Bulls on b2b road games & without Deng, Gooden or Hinrich. Both teams shot over 50% & Joe Johnson dropped 41. Now we have the Bulls off a tough loss where they lead late in the game, back home to face a team that came from behind to win @ home yesterday. The Hawks will be without Horford & Marvin Williams. I suspect Acie Law is also going to be out, but that's not really a big deal imo. Doubt Gooden will play, and if he does I don't see him being that productive. He looked like he was in pain yesterday & only played 13 minutes. Still I think Noah can be productive on the glass with Horford out. IMO with Deng & Hinrich finally getting minutes together, this could be a breakout game for the Bulls. Total seems a shade too low, especially loooking at the total of the last two games played against each other. Lean to the Bulls, tt over & smaller lean to game over. Don't like the line move up to 5, so a ML parlay is an option.

    Pacers/SA- Both teams on b2b & off close games, with the Pacers falling to a last second 3 pter @NO. IMO these games are often tough to get up for if you're the pacers, battling back to come up short, then back out to try & compete the next day on the road. Normally I wouldn't consider the Pacers, but look at the spot the Spurs are in. 5th game in 7 days. 2-7-1 last 10 games played at home. Old. Pacers seem to get up for the big games, and now have Marquis Daniels back in the lineup (though he only played 3 minutes yesterday). The Pacers have just 1 loss in the last 10 road games by more than 7, so I really don't understand the high line. Could be because the Pacers have lost 6 straight to the Spurs, averaging 89.5 ppg in that span. The Pacers allowed 115 or more pts in their last 9 games, and are allowing 106.9 ppg avg. leaning on the Pacers, & game over. Small concern about Pop's comments regarding playing good defense...

    Kings/Nuggets- Nuggets off a tough loss @Houston where they lead a majority of the game. They are 2-3 their last 5 played, but in their defense it was quite the stretch of teams to play. Kings are rested, and likely have been thinking a little about this game. Last time these two faced each other, The Nuggets blew the Kings off the court. 118-85! Denver shot 52.5%/ 41% 3pt & went to the line 37 times. The Kings shot a stellar 29%fg & a blazing 3-16 3pters. KMart finished with 8 points & Miller was held scoreless in 17 minutes. I think the Kings put forth a solid offensive showing, so Kings team total o104.5 is an option. Also Sac+pts & game over, not sure how I play it.

    Wolves/Jazz- Minny has been great to me, but this is one solid home team. Last meeting was @Min, where the Jazz won 99-96. Minny is on a b2b road game, while the Jazz are 2 days rested & off a road loss to Dallas. Not a good spot to be playing @Utah, but I do think this line is a bit high. Jazz have the Rockets tomorrow, so there is a bit of a look ahead aspect going on. Small lean Wolves+ pts, Jazz ML in a parlay is an option.

    Back in a bit to edit my plays in....
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...

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    I was leaning towards Utah as well, but nothing looked good enough for me to wager on. bol with your plays.


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      Jazz-250 1sth

      3 to win 3.47 units

      Hawks/Bulls o198-105

      Pacers +7.5-105

      Kings/Nuggets o219

      3 units each

      Pacers team o51 1sth

      Kings/Nuggets o112.5 1sth

      2 units each

      Going to check in at the half for added value on dogs, may play on the wolves if there is value 2ndh- hoping for a 10+ pt lead at the half for the Jazz....
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        Beyond pissed about backing the Pacers, what a setup. Doing what I said & grabbing the Wolves 2ndh.

        T-Pups +2.5 2ndh

        3 units

        Jazz o54.5 3rdq

        1.5 units
        Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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          Wow, have to bite....

          Kings team o53 2ndh

          3 units



          1 unit each straight

          parlayed 1 to win 5 units
          Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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            half pt loss on the Wolves/Jazz 3rdq, 1 pt loss on the Kings team total, and a 2 pt loss on the game over :puke:
            Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...