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  • $$ NBA Tuesday $$

    I'll get right into my picks tonight:

    Cleveland -10
    Rockets -7.5
    Rockets/Bulls UNDER 198
    Spurs +6

    GL :thumbs:

    Record YTD: 33-26
    It sounded like a good idea at the time...

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    Like your picks other than spurs+6..why do you think this is a good pick? What is your thinking and im not being smart because i bet the other side..Im thinking nuggets are playing well, they are rested and the spurs just played an overtime game with the warriors, they are an old team so i bet the nuggs-6 and the under, I actually capped it at 9, i think the nuggs blow it open!


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      Don't really like the line making a big change from Den -4 to -6. Denver is 1-2 ATS as 6 point favorites this year. I think the Spurs keep it close and cover the 6! :beerbang:
      It sounded like a good idea at the time...


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        aight cool, but i take into account the high altitude of denver, old team no legs less air lol... I think its a blow out honestly..this young team is going to run the -6 but i respect your take on it...good luck!:beerbang:


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          It could go either way, I just think 6 points is a lot. Spurs already beat the nuggets in Denver by 17 in December...granted it wasn't after an OT game the night before.
          It sounded like a good idea at the time...


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            you the man

            you definately had it right, cause i made my bet thinking duncan, parker and ginobli was playing..the nuggets are officially on my do not bet on list, that was pathetic and they should be ashamed..even though the bet held up it was luck and I am thoroughly disgusted:puke: :puke:

            May have to start tailing some of your bets cause these idiots almost lost without the big three:bang: :bang: :puke:


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              Glad I found out most of the starters for the Spurs weren't playing tonight...and they still damn near covered!

              Cleveland -10 WINNER!
              Rockets -7.5 LOSER
              Rockets/Bulls UNDER 198 LOSER
              Spurs +6 LOSER

              Record YTD: 34-28
              It sounded like a good idea at the time...