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    Pistons +9 ... ? any thoughts on this .. they just had a big win over ORLANDO .. Rip went off. seems like a nice number to me .. Detroit not a great road team but could be worse 14-14 on the road straight up ... The bottom line in my opinion is , THIS IS STILL DETROIT ... Gettin 9 pts ??? against a Garnett less Boston Team

    Blazers -2.5 ... vs SA in Portland .. These two just played in SA a few days back .. SA got up big .. Portland came back.. SA won by double digs.... IS Duncan going to be back ? If he does come back will he be rusty ?

    Jazz -5 ... They just played last night which i don't like .. but they do have depth especially down low .. so i think they are a decent team to play in BACK TO BACK SPOTS .. And i read where Don Nelson is gonna play some of his younger guys and sit down some vets like Stephen Jackson. I read he won't play at all today !!!! GS coming off a loss to Charlotte ... ANY THOUGHT WOULD BE GREAT ...
    Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole

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    Here we go

    Lets go with

    Pistons +8.5 ... 1 unit
    Blazers -4 .... 1 unit
    Jazz -5 .... 4 units

    Golden St resting all these veterans ? For what ?.. like i mentioned above, the jazz have depth down low with Boozer,Millsap,Kirilenko,Okur ! I feel they are one of the better teams to take in Back to Back game situations being they just played last night ...
    Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole


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      San Antonio

      Blowed out in Portland
      They travel to LA to play CLIPPERS - losers of two straight

      Parker only played 10 second half minutes for them tonight
      Duncan only played 8 second half minutes for them tonight

      SA might be a good play tomorrow coming off back to back losses

      Duncan's 2nd game back off an injury
      Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole