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    Almost another sweep last night, but I'll take 3-0-1 every sindgle day of the week.Once again, I am very happy with the results and will be looking to build upon this success. As we all know, Thursday night comes bearing a light schedule with only the two TNT games. So here's what I got for Ernie, the Jet and Sir Charles...

    Dallas (+6.5) vs New Orleans -- It would be easy to pick CP3 and the Hornets in this one, especially because they are the home team and dallas is coming off a tough game against the Spurs. However, I think Mark Cuban actually motivated his team this week when he blasted them for their lack of energy and entusiasm. (I guess it really does make a dfference when the person who writes your paycheck tells you your not working hard enough) Anyways, I think Dallas is out on a mini-mission right now and finds a way to atleast cover the spread against the Hornets.

    Portland (+7) vs Denver -- Same kind of scenario as the first game. Portland is on the road, coming off a tough win against Indiana last night. However, sometihng is not clicking with Denver right now and it has been highlighted by the Carmello/ George Carl rift. The problem is sometimes these things can motivate a player and sometimes it can be a distraction. I am going to lean towards it being a distraction and watch gleefully as the Nuggets self-destruct in the 4th quarter.

    3 units ea.

    So there you have it. Looking to make it happen with two dogs tonight. Let me know what you think??

    NBA YTD: 29-29-2 (+28 units)
    NBA WEEK: 9-2-1 (+21 units)
    Go Hard or Go Home

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    Correction, my NBA YTD is 29-19-2
    Go Hard or Go Home


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      And thanks for the writeups! Very rare to get input from people at this site.

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        You too JML... ANd thanks for the aknowledgement about the write ups. Just like to let people know why I am picking games instead of just throwing them out there.
        Go Hard or Go Home