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    Any doubt about a fix being in now?

    Vince McMahon, is that you??


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        Nice work sending all my threads to the dumpster! :puke:

        Orlando is the better team? WTF are you smoking? Just because they are making all those 3's doesn't make them the better team! Have you watched a game? Cavs are the better team! Live in your fairyland and go ahead and get your glass slippers out. :puke:

        Live by the 3, die by the 3!


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          Originally posted by homedawg View Post
          Nice work sending all my threads to the dumpster! :puke:

          Orlando is the better team? WTF are you smoking? Just because they are making all those 3's doesn't make them the better team! Have you watched a game? Cavs are the better team! Live in your fairyland and go ahead and get your glass slippers out. :puke:

          Live by the 3, die by the 3!

          With you bro, series should be 2-2, possibly 3-1 Cavs. This is twice now where Lewis just shoots a late prayer and gets it. It's unfortunate, but the Cavs aren't out yet. Not by a long shot.


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            Cavs are the better team IMO but a few things are exposing them:

            - the Magic's bench is deeper than anyone could have imagined, not a murderer's row, but the likes of Pietrus, Lee, that big white bald backup center to spell Howard, and Anthony Johnson, are paying dividends.

            - they do live by the 3 and die by the 3 (Orlando), I think it was mentioned they were one of the better if not the best 3 point shooting team in the regular season.

            - Usually don't pay attention to trends, but Rah Stah brought up a good point in mentioning the recent success Orlando has had with Cleveland especially on the road at the Q.

            - James is not getting any help, Williams should worry about his shot going south than mouthing off over inane stuff that he can't back up, and just feeding fodder to the opponent.

            - Mike Brown was never a good coach, his success is proportional to James' success, who just dominates the game without the real need of a coach and his X's and O's, its evident when Brown is matched up with a better coach and is forced to draw up plays and can't rely on James just barrelling into the lane for FTs, or dropping ridiculous threes from crazy ranges.

            - I wouldn't say Cleveland has been outplayed but they have certainly had their shares of big leads dwindling down only to let the Magic come back into the game in the 2H. Rust could be a factor, but by game 4 its irrelevant.

            - its all relative but its arguable that the Cavs are 1 second away from this being a sweep by the Magic.

            - a LOT of things will have to happen and fall in the right places for the Cavs to come back, as 2 out of 3 games decided by 1-2 points have been won by the Magic, and they also won the only game that was 10+ difference.

            - The only thing in the way of the Magic from wrapping up this series is the Magic, their mental mistakes and the way they sometimes just let the ball stick and pop threes without moving it around just allows opponents back into the game.

            - No one should be surprised if the Magic/Nuggets advance, the way everyone begs for a Lakers/Cavs finals conveniently forgetting that the other team isnt just gonna roll over and die.

            - Case in point Denver is built the same way as the Magic, they have talent but are prone to mental lapses. But I think this year's team is different, starting with the steady presence of Billups and how remarkable that George Karl has changed the way he coaches, I've never seen a coach change his style significantly much less a man thats been around a long time like Karl.

            lol sorry Stif clogging up your thread, but just the insomniac in me :beer2:
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            "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
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              one more thing, as hardcore sports fans/degenerate gamblers like ourselves lol, we often ignore the PC platitudes of assclown analysts and what not, but sometimes I personally pick up some good nuggets from these guys.

              for example, Charles Barkley's assessment that matchups play a key in who wins series, and this is why he picked Orlando (other than taking the series ML who knows with his bankroll lol)

              I mean the Cavs guards are smaller compared to the Magic's, IMO I would like to see more of what Delonte West did which was use his speed to get into the lane and get some of those points on the post like he did a couple times tonight.

              Mo Williams? Well I really dont care for him much, but if he's on, obviously he'll take significant pressure off of James, I dont think and we've seen this, that James can just score 50 every night and hope the Cavs will win, the Magic have too many weapons.

              Matchups and Adjustments, thats what they always preach are the keys in the playoffs.

              We've seen this before especially in recent memory: Golden State vs. Dallas. GS had a string of recent history of success against Dallas, they posed matchup problems, and Avery Johnson made the wrong adjustments, playing small when they couldnt keep up with GS instead of sticking to their strengths which was their size.

              but I digress... and I need to go to bed lol

              "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
              -Big Pimpin-


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                My prediction for the rest of this series....

                Game 5 -- Cavs win at home...late in the game Dwight Howard is called for a foul, throws his arms up in the air but says nothing....he receives a technical foul. He is suspended for one game.

                Game 6 -- Without Dwight Howard, the Cavs win in Orlando.

                Game 7 -- Cavs win and Lebron hits 27-32 from the free throw line.

                I don't have a dog in this fight...but I do believe the NBA wants Kobe and Lebron...this scenario would go a long way towards allowing that to happen.
                "You come at the King, you best not miss." Omar


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                  LOL Homedawg. Funny you should open your fat ass mouth in my thread. There's no point in discussing anything with you, because you are always right. I am not going to waste my time.

                  Instead, I am going to say something to you that I have wanted to say for a LONG ******* TIME NOW.

                  You know bro, I once had respect for you. I thought you were a useful asset to this forum. You were one of my favorite posters to interact with. Well, actually, that was at the old forum. I don't think you have ever made one worthwhile post here at Predictem.

                  In any case, you have proven me wrong over the years. You post nothing but worthless banter. All you want to do is argue with people, bash them for their opinions, thoughts and views, or rub it in to them when their plays lose, or chest thump when something goes your way.

                  People like you are the reason I almost quit posting here. People like you are the reason other people have already stopped posting here, and that new people don't sign up, but just lurk instead. You are a turd, you are worthless to this forum, and I am taking a stand. I don't care who likes it or not. If Kevin wants to reinstate you, then fine, I will leave. But I am doing what I think is right for Predictem. I care about this place, unlike you, and it's time to take out the trash. Starting with you.

                  I have seen enough of you and your worthless bull**** posts, including bashing any and every member you wish to when you're loaded, in a bad mood, or otherwise.

                  I have read more than enough of your extreme political views as well. You certainly have the right to believe whatever you want, but this isn't the place to express it, yet I saw a post from you in the general forum not that long ago coming down on someone again for something political, long after the political forum was closed and gone, and everyone was told no more political talk.

                  But not you, you just do whatever you want. You're the high and mighty homedawg.

                  So now you can go find a new home, because I'm tired of you taking a **** on the floor in mine.
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                    Q - no problem. Clog up my thread any day you like. You always have something worthwhile to say, weather it agrees with my opinion on something or not....and you're always respectful in presenting your opinion. You are a valued member of this forum, rest assured of that.

                    I'm not getting long winded on this, but I have a hard time believing that anyone could argue with a straight face that Lebron was actually fouled on the last play of regulation, when it was pretty obvious he tripped over his own 2 feet and fell. That should have been a travel, Magic ball, end of game, end of story. But he got the call because there was a Magic guy close. That's frustrating to watch, as a bettor, and as a fan.

                    Orlando owns the Cavs. The results don't lie.

                    In game 3, when the Magic couldn't hit a damn 3 to save their lives, how did they win that one?

                    And about those threes....most of them are not even contested. Hedo is picking the Cavs defense apart, and getting his guys either drives to the basket or wide open 3's, time after time, and a good NBA shooter will hit 40% uncontested from 3. What's so unusual about that?

                    Speaking of which, 4 games in, and the Cavs still have no clue how to defend the Hedo/Howard pick and roll. And they're supposed to be known as a good defensive team??

                    Also, if the Cavs are the better team, why exactly couldn't they hold two nearly 20 point first half leads on their own home floor? And, why are they down 3-1 in this series?

                    It's not like this is just a new trend either. Orlando has owned the Cavs all season.

                    And a general note for everyone. I certainly ain't always right, and may not be on this series either. ANYONE here has the right to disagree with me, or anyone else for that matter. But do it RESPECTFULLY, and have some merit and substance to your argument, unlike sir bash-a-lot.
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                      thank you. I think that was the right move in the long run by dumping homedawg.

                      On another note, nice hit on Orlando. I played themas my thoughts were in your thread, but it wont count in my record. It was nice to see the Magic win a game where they didn't have their backs against the wall and took charge of the series. Now, I have to wonder if they can play well again in another game that isn't entirely important, but still worth winning as it is a playoff game to advance to the finals, but you and I both know their ways in less meaningful playoffs games. The "go- through the motions" type of magic team. We'll see.


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                        Thanks for the vote of confidence daws. It's never easy to get rid of someone who has been around a long time, and sometimes it's downright difficult and unpopular.

                        Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between a friendly ribbing and a bashing, but I have seen so many conflicts between homedawg and **insert random poster name here** in the past, that it's just too much coincidence anymore. And they haven't been friendly ribbings or the occasional slip up that anyone could have either when they get emotional about something or are having a bad day, but most times they are downright cruel and harsh bashings of the other poster. What he said to me wasn't a big deal, but it just set something off with me and made me remember all the crap I've bottled up when reading his posts in the past because I liked him as a poster, even though I didn't like how he was treating other people here. I just made a choice today that it was the right thing to do to end his intimidation of other members, and believe me, it's tough being one of the people who has to make decisions like that.

                        Remember, we are all volunteers, and about 363 days out of the year it's a pretty thankless job. None of us get paid for what we do in the traditional sense, even though Kevin has certainly voluntarily shown his appreciation for us over the years when he's had the chance....but if we didn't watch out for the place, it would turn into a ****ville like most of the other sports posting forums out there.


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                          wrong thread, but on a side note uggla just went yard:thumbs:


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                            Originally posted by TheCaymanIslands View Post
                            With you bro, series should be 2-2, possibly 3-1 Cavs. This is twice now where Lewis just shoots a late prayer and gets it. It's unfortunate, but the Cavs aren't out yet. Not by a long shot.
                            Sorry Stif....gotta comment on this ridiculous did the cavs win the ONE game they've won so far?? you talk about where lewis just shoots a late prayer and gets it, and call it lucky...but yet...when the allmighty 'prince' (i aint calling nobody a king thats doesn't have any rings!) does it, its the greatest shot of these playoffs??? I'm going to go the extreme other way on this.....they were ALL great shots.....the two that lewis made AND lebron's! why the hell can't you just give the magic their props for making thier late 3's??

                            As far as HD....stif, you did the right thing there bro...for damn sure....and not just cuz he's a cavs fan:beer2:

                            I gotta comment on his ridiculous comment too....about them making all those 3's......MOST of them were great shots...what i mean by that is they were wide the **** open!! why wouldn't they take those?? they're great 3 point shooters and they make alot of those shots....that was horrible d by the cavs and even worst defensive coaching...i'm sorry, but the cavs are beign severly outcoached in this series....

                            not that any of this matters though.....since the lakers are gonna win the championship anyway.....:beerbang:

                            oh....and just one more thing....

                            24>23 (post mj)


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                              lol @ and w/ BK

                              good stuff :beer2:

                              "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
                              -Big Pimpin-


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                                Very Interesting topics here. Lets get something straight all these factors are important but in the business we are in-- what sometimes runs it is where the money is on a side. For the first 4 games the bigger money was on Cleveland according to my sources--bookies ranging from Atl, Fla, and Philly...who knows what other parts of the country were getting. Tonight the money is on Orlando+7.5 for the good majority. Percentage and Money are heavily Orlando so far. My prediction is Cleveland will beat Orlando by the spread tonight, but sadly the public will be all over Cleveland-2 at Orlando game 6, and of course Orlando wins it in game 6. I want Cleveland to win the series extremely bad, I just don't see them winning in Orl.