Lame loss last night on the ml....

30-25 (+6.60 units)

Cavs -8.5

2 units

The unmotivated Magic will probably return tonight after finally showing up in game 7 and dispatching of the outmatched Celtics, which they should have done in 4 games.

They might keep it close for a while, but I think once Cleveland goes on a run, they just won't have the answer.

Additionally, Cleveland lost zero home games this year in which they played their starters (yes, i know they lost 1 at the end with basically everyone sitting), and I have no reason to believe they lose tonight either. Therefore taking under 10 points is, imo, not the thing to do.

If Orlando actually shows up for a change in a non "must win" game, then so be it, but I haven't really seen anything from Orlando thus far in the playoffs that suggests they do so tonight, so i'm going the other way....