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    @ these officials.

    James elbows Lee in the head and no call, and time after time Orlando defenders fart or sneeze close to James and it's a foul.

    Same **** with Kobe in game 1. Got away with everything so the Fakers could make their little comeback.

    Gotta have their little Kobe vs Lebron finals. Even though the reality is that both CLE and LAL are outclassed in each series.

    What a ****in joke.

    The NBA sucks.

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    Case in point. About 30 secs left to go, and Howard with ALL BALL on a blocked 3 on James, and the lame ass refs put him at the line anyway for 3 free throws.

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


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      stif.....i hope you really don't believe the lakers are outclassed in that series...if you lost a bet on them are just venting, that's fine...but i've seen a lot of laker games this year, and saw every minute of all 3 games so far.....a team like the nuggets, might present some matchup problems, but they def haven't outclassed the lakers.....this game has a big mental aspect to it to, and the nuggets just aren't a mentally sound team...too many dumb fckn mistakes to be a serious tittle i could be wrong and lakers lose the next far as getting calls....if...and this is a BIG IF...who knows...maybe if the refs actually called that blatant jumpball violation on jr smith there at the end of game two, the lakers get the ball....and this is a 3-0 series.....i'll give the nuggets their props, they've had a hell of a playoff run so far, but to say that they outclass the lakers is just ridiculous....

      ok...thats my 2 cents....been hearing anti laker comments for like 2 days staight wherever i've been, and i just took it out on bro..just my 2 cents..


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        Basketball is THE easiest sport to fix.
        Even though I've been watching it since I was 5 years old (yet still not a true fan of the game), I still don't know anything about the sport because the refs always confuse me on what is and isn't a foul.


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          Its all guesswork

          These refs are guessing whether its a charge or a block

          Basketball officiating is all guesswork ..
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            BK's post here is a fine example of how to disagree with someone's opinion respectfully.

            I still believe Denver is the better team, BK does not. Fair enough. Doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong.

            I had been meaning to respond to this post for 2 days now with my reasoning why i think Denver is the better team, but have been busy...and now quite frankly too irritated because of the other thread to do so.

            I did want to comment on the thing about the mental aspect of basketball though....because I feel that is alot of what makes Denver the better team. Outside of Kobe and maybe Gasol, the Lakers are a soft soft team. That was a huge reason they weren't real competitive in last year's finals, and i believe that is a big reason they will lose this series to the Nuggets once it's all said and done.

            There's no doubt the skill is there with the Lakers, but after Kobe, you have to look pretty hard to find toughness and desire to win on a consistent basis with that club.

            Maybe I'm off base there, but from what I've seen, that certainly does seem to be the case. I mean how else do you explain them getting punched in the eye 2x by a completely depleted Houston team in games 4 and 6, games which they didn't really need, yet they were able to win the games that really mattered, games 2, 3, 5 and 7? What I'm saying is that there is no question the Lakers were a far better team than the injury plagued Rockets, yet they didn't have the mental toughness or desire to win that it took to just bury them early and often.

            Now that they talent level has significantly risen against Denver, I just don't think the Lakers will be able to turn it on when they need to and coast to an easy win when they need one. I guess we'll see tonight, and in any remaining games in this series where they may be in a must win, if any more come up.


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              Stif....glad you responded bro...was wondering where you've been :sm:

              But now that you have, I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this point....nothing I can say is gonna change your mind and nothing you say will change mine:beer2:

              sooo...we'll let them settle it on the court....and being a die hard laker fan.....i sure as hell am hoping that I'm right and you're wrong on this...........oh...and that future bet I have on the lakers to win it all in a different thread might have a little to do with it as well :beer2:

              gl with the rest of your plays....expect the ones against the lake show:beerbang:
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                Congrats on the Lakers making the finals. Nice call. I really thought Denver would get it done, but they couldn't win when it counted. Lakers were the better team the last 2 games when it mattered.


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                  Stif....thanks for the props on the lakers....

                  glad you didn't pull a lebron and leave the thread after denver lost without us 'shaking hands' showed a lot more class than the so called 'king' more dig at lbj:beer2: ....can't call anyone a king with no rings and now no class:sm:


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                    I think if LBJ (not former president Lyndon B. Johnson) had afterwards just said, "hey I was just so emotional and disappointed, that I left I didnt want to see anyone, I'm sorry, meant no disrespect to the Magic, etc...." would have been excusable, Lord knows all of us have been so disappointed in a loss whether personal or through our favorite sports team that we dont feel like any human contact. Thats understandable for James. IMO

                    but what is inexcusable and pretty much sums up what most feel is that he felt almost entitled to say that he was justified in doing what he did. He is too much of a central figure in this league to act unprofessional. Doesnt matter if he agrees or not, its inherent that he acts civilly professional.

                    - on a side note, I do not agree with two assessments.

                    a) analysts pining for James to get help. Really? All season with the NBA's best record, best home record, not to mention the 2nd best road record, I'm assuming the NBA's top 5 D, and so on, the Coach of the Year, the MVP (most valuable player to a team and so by extension makes his teammates better), etc.. etc..., sweeping the first two rounds albeit against an underwhelmingly unmotivated Detroit Pistons team and an overwhelmed Atlanta Hawks team, and ALL OF A SUDDEN the Cavs need to surround James with more help?

                    - Cavs played bad D, made no adjustments, especially in crucial 3rd quarters or 2nd quarters when the Magic mounted 20+ points comebacks.

                    - Yes Mo Williams was a non-factor when he was hailed as holy wingman to the MVP, but fact is Cavs didnt have problems scoring (James did enough of that on his own IMO), but their D and matchup problems with Orlando come to mind.

                    b) James and yet again other analysts and other officials on the Cavs who claim the Cavs are progressing especially in light of last year's game 7 loss to eventual champs Boston. BULLSHYT. They were in the FINALS just two years ago! Getting swept by the Spurs nonwithstanding (face it a coaching matchup of Popavich vs. Mike Brown is like me playing Kasparov at chess), the Cavs got to the Finals with a supposedly LESSER quality team.

                    - I don't buy that the East was weaker 2 seasons ago, if anything the East overall is the same in level to me. Granted Boston and Orlando are more formidable this year, but teams like the Sixers, Heat, Hawks, and Pistons are examples of some of the duds trotted out this year (and guess what, Cleveland played 2 of those teams!) 2 years ago at least teams like the Wizards (I think the Cavs played them that year) always are physical and give James enough fits, and the Pistons were the class of the conference and James had to singlehandedly get them back to that series.

                    - my point is if anything the team has taken steps BACK. not making the Finals two seasons in a row with a stronger supporting cast is NOT progress.

                    * that means I just contradicted myself because if I take the latter to be true, then James DOES need more help. LOL

                    I guess the real answer would be that they plainly CHOKED. The team. Not Lebron James, he did everything he could and MORE to win this series. I'm not a particular fan of his style of play but he was dominant, you can't say he didnt leave it all on the court.

                    Better Luck next year Cavaliers :thumbs: :beer2:
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                      after a few seconds of thought (my attention span is that long lol), I rescind my opinion that James doesnt need more help.

                      Considering that virtually no one was consistent in this series other than James, and maaaybe Delonte West, he was forced to play MORE minutes; most in the 2nd Half of games where he didnt get one second of rest, thus making him more tired and committing a lot of turnovers more than he averages per game. So yeah its a combo of his help choking at most inopportune time and James overexerting himself.

                      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
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                        I agree with a couple points Q makes, mostly the Cavs playing bad D. Orlando has far and away the better bench, which proved to be too much. The Cavs bench is god awful, Wally looked like a chump the whole series. Orlando looked more hungry, and sadly, better coached. To me it just further proves the point that you need a dominant big man to get to the finals nowadays. Big Z/Big Ben were just too slow/old to even contend with Howard around the rim. As a result the Cavs had to keep trying to wrap him up or bring someone down to double him, presenting an abundance of open looks.

                        Honestly I don't see much changing next season, barring some major injury to Howard. Orlando will have Jameer back and will still retain a solid bench, while it seems unlikely the Cavs will be able to address not having a monster in the paint (other than LeBron). Got to give the Magic props for the moves they made this season, which flew under the radar but really paid dividends in the playoffs. Pietrus & Alston came up huge in the postseason!
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