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And you thought YOU were a degenerate gambler?

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  • And you thought YOU were a degenerate gambler?

    Arrest Report: Man Tied Up Kids to Watch Basketball

    Updated: June 11, 2009 07:03 PM EDT

    Las Vegas, NV (LasVegasNOW) -- For more than two hours, two toddlers were bound and gagged in an apartment complex garage, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

    Twenty-year-old Jonathan Weaver remains behind bars, accused of tying up and gagging two kids he was supposed to be babysitting. He tells police he left the boys so he could go watch the second half of the NBA championship game at a local bar.

    "I have seen just about everything, this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this. This is tragic, it was terrifying, it was horrific," said Metro Lt. Ray Steiber with the Special Victim's Detail.

    The arrest report says Weaver told police he was upset his girlfriend asked him to watch her 1 and 2-year-old children while she attended night school. According to the report, Weaver didn't think leaving the boys in the garage was a big deal because they had been on garage "camp outs" before.

    The report says he strapped the toddlers in their car seats and played with them for 20 to 30 minutes, and then left to meet a friend after the boys fell asleep.

    Police say Weaver drove one mile down Silverado Ranch to a PT's Pub. They carded him and kicked him out because he wasn't 21 yet. So he drove another two miles to a PT's at the corner of Eastern and St. Rose Parkway. There he watched the entire second half of the NBA game between the Lakers and Magic.

    When the game was over, he drove back to the garage and that's when police arrested him.

    The boys were found with a torn piece of long-sleeve shirt in their mouths, and then gagged with duct tape.

    Justin Freeman's wife heard the cries and called 911. "They were in the restraints and he just duct tapped them and put rope around their mouths," he said.

    The boys were rescued before they were seriously injured.

    The children's mother has not been charged because she had no idea what happened. The boys are now back with their mother.

    Weaver is not the father of the children, but according to the arrest report, their 20-year-old mother is now pregnant with his child.
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    has this chick heard of birth control? jesus christ!


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      Originally posted by TheCaymanIslands View Post
      has this chick heard of birth control? jesus christ!

      lol Twenty years old and 3 kids what a life
      NFL 2-0. Week 1
      Nfl 2-2week 2


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        Originally posted by Queen View Post
        lol Twenty years old and 3 kids what a life
        I can't figure out chicks like this man. So she's 20, single, and has two kids already right. Okay did she not learn her lesson?