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    Just want to know how you like the Raptors now? Do you think they can make it far? Im only asking because you said I would be disappointed come playoff time, but I am very impressed by how they play as a team. I waited so long for a team like this. Just the other day, they blew out the bulls, they were relentless. I love how they play with the team up until the halftime....and then go all out in the second half! With Arenas out, they should get by Washington. I dont think CHicago can beat Raptors either.
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    They should get by Washington. I'm not sure about the Bulls though. Defense starts to take over more in the playoffs, so if they can match the defense of Chicago, then it should be a great series.

    What I meant though, was that if/when they meet up with a good team, I don't think they will fare too well....not when they play a team with half of their starters, including their best player injured.