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N.B.A Wednesday Wiz/Heat

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  • N.B.A Wednesday Wiz/Heat

    Miami - 9 2 Units

    Washington has suffered a couple late injuries to Butler and Arenas which
    represents 48-ppg 12-rebounds per game and 10-asists per game, let alone
    leadership and clutch performances down the stretch. They were struggling anyway
    just 12-21 in their last 33 games but now face a monumental task to just play
    representative basketball. O'Neal and Wade will both be on the floor for Miami
    so they are instantly better. Wade needs some minutes before the playoffs begin
    so expect to see him in larger doses tonight. Too much to overcome for
    Washington against a team that will have its two starts logging ample minutes.

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    I guess we have to wait for another game for the Shaq-Wade dual we've been missing.