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Need Some Insight Lakers/clipps

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  • Need Some Insight Lakers/clipps

    Well tommorow is the lakers clipps game.... What do you guys think. Personally my first instinct was lakers -2.5 as the line is up right now.... Am i missing anything or can this be another let down game?
    Thoughts would be greatful

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    I think you should try and find a better game to bet on. 8)


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      I'd take the Clippers.
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        Could go either way since the Clips wants this one BAD!! I'd save it for another game.


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          I quit putting money on the clips since I;m gonna lay off this one. I lean to lakers though, but no play for me
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            Lakers need this one and I think they'll get it.


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              clippers are a horrible road team YTD....LOL....and the home team in this matchup wins 100% of the time.:nuts: leave it alone....although the public is all over the Lakers, fade away. confused yet. good luck if you bet it.:beerbang:


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                the under looks nice especially with the clippers playing better on defense.


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                  Lakers are going nowhere but the 7 spot. They aren't catching Denver.

                  Clips need this game WAY more. They're currently 1/2 game behind Golden St for the 8 spot, and only 1/2 game ahead of the Hornets. A win tonight would put them a full game ahead of the Hornets and make them tied with GS, and with only one game left on the schedule that they should have a possibility of losing.....@ Phoenix....although Phoenix may mail it in by then, seeings as how they'll be locked in the 2 spot. Otherwise they shouldn't have a problem beating the Queens, Portland and New Orleans, all 3 games at home. They should only lose 1 there at the most, Phoenix.

                  The Hornets on the other hand have a far tougher road ahead....Denver @ home, then @ the Queens, @ Houston and @ LAC. They'll lose at least twice, maybe three in there IMO, so with em already being a game back, count em out unless GS and LAC fall flat on their faces.

                  Golden Shower St has games @ the Queens, Minnesota and Dallas at home, and then finish with a game @ Portland. They should lose at least once in there, if not twice. Queens and Portland are much tougher at home than on the road, and Dallas, even if they're sitting people, still always has a chance to win.

                  Clips and Golden Shower split the series at 2 a piece, so I have no idea what the next tiebreaker is, but I would assume if it's division record, the tiebreaker would go to LAC with 6 division wins to GS's 5 at this point, although I'm not sure if that's how NBA works in the case of a tie.

                  It's easy to see that a win tonight puts the Clips in the drivers seat for spot #8....if they can execute and win the games down the stretch (home vs SAC, NO and PORT) that they SHOULD win.

                  So yea, this game means a little more to the Clips than the Lakers.


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                    While I agree the Clips need this more than the Lakeshow, I don't think I can play them.... Looks as if Cassel will play, but who knows how much of an impact he will have. There have also been reports of Radmanovich suiting up today.... The last meeting, the Clips came in winning 6 of 7. This time they have lost 3 straight. IMo it comes down to whether or not the Lakerts can shoot from the outside.... I lean under 197, as the Clips have been on an under run recently. In the Clips last 9 home games, only 1 game has gone over 193. The Lakers have been on an over run, but IMO the Clips will slow the pace considerably & collapse in defensively, fgorcing the Lakers to shoot from the outside.

                    Stif- the tie breaker is in fact the better divisional record, which is held by the Clips. I have to disagree with the Warriors losing....IMO they win out. The Kings & Minny are done for the year, while Dallas likely won't risk injury to their stars 2 games before the playoffs. IMO the Warriors will be a solid bet @ Arco, the Kings just don't care.
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