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    Brandon Lang

    Wednesday's Selections ...

    Nice to make it 7 straight weeknight side winners in college football.

    Was I nervous when Bowling Green didn't make it on 4th and 2 at the Buffalo 4 yard line with just over 8 minutes to go? You bet I was, especially when the right thing to do was kick the field goal.

    But thanks to a horrible 3rd down and 4 play call on the ensuing Buffalo drive from the Falcons 44 yard line, and a personal foul penalty on the punt, Bowling Green got the ball back with just over 3 minutes to go and you just knew what time it was.


    And I said in my analysis, the leading receiver in the country would be the difference down the stretch, and he most certainly was but I also take my hat off to the coaching staff of Bowling Green and the adjustments they made in the 2nd half.

    The only score they gave up was a fumbled punt at the 4 yard line. What on gods earth is this kid doing fielding the punt inside his own 5 anyways? It ended up not mattering but when will these punt returners learn, you line up at the 10 and if it's over your head let it go.

    You throw in the Mavs miracle comeback and it's a winning night. Amazing the turns in games night in and night out.

    I have 3 games I feel are the way to go again tonight. Let's get after it again.

    10 DIME - NY YANKEES -1 1/2 RUNS (RUN LINE PLAY) - Again this is a hedge play against my 20 dime series play on the Phillies. I am willing to roll the dice with a 10 dime run line play because in my gut if the Yankees win tonight it's not going to be a close game.

    My feeling tonight is this game is a blowout one way or the other.

    Either the Yankees are going to light up Pedro, or the Phillies are going to light up Pettitte. This isn't going to be a 1-run game either way. At least that is the way I see it.

    I am willing to risk a 10 dime run line play on the Yankees against the 20 dime series play on the Phillies.

    I am aware that if the Yankees win tonight by 1 run I lose both, but that is a risk based on the tone of the series I am willing to take.

    Not one single game in this series has been decided by 1-run yet and I don't see tonight's game being the first one either.

    Take the Yankees -1 1/2 Runs.

    10 DIME - PHOENIX SUNS - If you can't go into Detroit and beat the Pistons with Prince and Hamilton out, you are not going to come back home and beat the undefeated Suns. Not the way Phoenix is playing right now.

    The Magic are beaten up bad and battling the flu bug as well.

    Dwight Howard's shoulder is killing him, Vince Carter's ankle is bothering him, this team is a mess.

    Not so for the Suns. It is all systems go after the big win in Miami pushing their record to a perfect 4-0, and they catch this Magic team at just the right time.

    I love what Phoenix showed me last night and now with Howard having to face Amare Stoudemire tonight, it is going to be another long night for Orlando.

    Don't worry about whatever the number is tonight in Orlando, it's all Suns as they go to 5-0 tonight.

    10 DIME - DENVER NUGGETS - I am going to start riding this team like there is no tomorrow.

    They just flat out manhandled the Pacers last night, crushing them by double digits jumping on them right from the opening tip outscoring Indiana 30-13 and never looked back.

    At 4-0 this is the best start in 24 years for Denver, and considering the mantra of this very close knit basketball team, they will not let up this year.

    They are about getting better every night but more than that, if you watch this team play they are having fun. Trust me folks, that is a very lethal combination at the NBA level.

    This quote from Chauncey Billups from last night says it all, "We have a real good aura, a real good feel about what we can be as a team this year."

    I'm with you Chauncey, and having spent a little time around George Karl in the past when he was in Milwaukee, his message to the Nuggets tonight will be if we don't bring it again tonight then the effort last night will be wasted.

    I will roll with this Nuggets team to hammer the winless Nets from the opening tip and run away in the 2nd half for another double digit road win.

    All Nuggets tonight.

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