Grrrr, getting greedy last night saw me turn a 2-0 day to a 2-1 day, bring my not so impressive record to a 2-3, this win 1 lose 1 thing only equals no rent for the landlord! looking to hit 2 games tonight. Both are for 2 units.

1. Denver -9.......I know Denver isnt the greatest road team in the league and there were lots of discussions on taking the pacers on the Ml last night. However, Its hard to argue that Denver is off to great start and meshing well together. The Nets, well where do you begin, I guess by saying right now they are playing like garbage. Im taking the big favorite here simply because of what ive seen out of both teams.

2. Golden State/Memphis over 225.5.......Both teams are averging 115 points against per game and each team scoring 104-107 respectively. Golden State has had 3 days off and lets face it, they dont play defense and they dont usually use even half of 24 seconds they get to jack it up. If the Memphis team that played Sac shows up in this contest this game should be a very high scoring contest.

As always good luck and have fun!