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Monday 12/21

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  • Monday 12/21

    ytd 116-129 -49.18

    Indiana -1

    Milwaukee is 2-9 on the road. Don't understand the line move in their favor here from +2 down to +1. Doesn't sound like something sharp money would pound, so must be public money??

    LA Clippers +9

    Why only -9 if SA crushed the Clips by 25 just a week ago IN LA? Surely action could be even with SA -12 or so, right? Clips have looked better lately, so I'm gonna go with em.

    Orlando ml -390/Phoenix ml -140 +115

    Orlando 10-2 @ home, looking to avenge that awful collapse about 2 weeks or so ago at Utah, who is far more pedestrian on the road at 5-7.

    Phoenix undefeated at home also with revenge against the Lebrons from an ugly road loss there.

    2 units each

    Then again, look at my record. What do i know?