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Sunday 12/27

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  • Sunday 12/27

    How many times can the Sacramento Queens screw me?

    ytd 127-147 -62.38

    This is starting to just get really bad now, lol

    Indiana Pacers +8
    NY Knicks +2
    LA Clippers +7

    2 units each

    I don't think the Heat should be laying this large of a number, and it seems some bigger money agrees with it having moved against the public majority (about 65%) down to +7, which obviously means Heat by 30.

    Got a poor line with the Knicks. It went down to +2 (from I believe +2.5) just after opening, and despite the public being strongly on SA, I thought it wouldn't go back up, and didn't want to chance it going lower. Of course now I could get +3.5 at SIA. In any case, I think the Knicks will be able to hang with SA today on a b2b with travel, especially with their up tempo style of play. With that being said, Spurs by 17 sounds right.

    I can't imagine anyone playing the Clippers at this line, which of course is why i did, which means Boston by 25+

    Stopping at 3 so I can't do any more damage to my already sorry ass record