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PhilRivers goes all PHILLIP RIVVVERS Wednesday

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  • PhilRivers goes all PHILLIP RIVVVERS Wednesday

    Finally posted a winning day yesterday. I had forgotten what that was like.

    Utah Jazz -4 vs New Orleans Hornets
    Quick flight from Texas to Louisianna after beating the Rockets last night. I'm gonna keep riding the hot hand (i.e. if it ain't broke don't fix it)

    Milwaukee Bucks -5 vs Houston Rockets
    I love playing those Bucks! Hopefully those Bucks will make me some dollar bucks tonight!

    Chicago Bulls +2 vs New York Knicks
    The ******* Knicks make me sick. :puke:

    Detroit Pistons +11 vs Orlando Magic
    Playing the big number here. These are both professional teams.. err. right??? maybe??

    Toronto Raptors -7 vs Memphis Grizzlies
    Grizzlies are free falling after having a nice run a little before the break. They've just been getting pounded.. and this is a back to back game for them having to travel to Canada.

    San Antonio Spurs -4 vs Indiana Pacers
    Spurs are simply the much better team and actually have something to play for. :dunno:

    Good luck fellow NBA all star gamblers!
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    Nobody spins the floater better than Phil Rivers. Nobody.