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  • NBA Playoff Sunday

    NBA Playoffs YTD: 2-1 (+0.90 units)

    Washington +12

    -one man team vs. a depleted team. I like the Wizards here, they still have Antawn Jamison and Calvin Booth! LOL ok in all seriousness, Antonio Daniels and Jarvis Hayes have no choice but to step into the huge void left by Arenas and Butler. No one is giving them a chance, neither am I, but 12 is a lot to me, especially if the LeBrons (err the Cavaliers) know they can beat the Wizards left-handed, looking for the Cavs to be on cruise control and do only what it takes to win.

    LA Lakers +10.5

    -to me nothings hardly changed in a year b/w both teams. The Suns replaced Tim Thomas with Barbosa, and have Stoudemire and Kurt Thomas back. The Lakers return almost everyone, but now inserted Jordan Farmar in place of Smush Parker (which should be a better move). Suns aren't deep, and Lakers will make Nash shoot instead of pass, Lakers always rely on Kobe to shoot, but with Bynum a lot better, Kwame being Kwame, Odom to step up, and Luke Walton growing into a better player, I like the Lakers to at least cover double digits. Phoenix SHOULD be tired playing those 6 guys with HEAVY minutes all year, as they are not a deep team as mentioned before.

    Denver +8.5

    -as a Spurs fan, this will kill me, they will cover this number because I bet against them, but I had to because they are notorious for starting slow in playoffs, especially in round 1. That and they are very unfamiliar with AI and Carmelo on the floor at the same time. Carmelo was suspended when they last played (a meaningful game), and AI was coming off an ankle injury. For me, the AI/Tony Parker matchup isn't as important as the Bowen/Anthony matchup, Anthony is just too strong for Bowen, and I think he'll have his way with him, they will throw Nene and Camby at Duncan, but he's a monster in the playoffs, so I really expect the Spurs to win this series as they are my pick to win it all, but laying an egg in game 1 is not out of the question.

    Golden State +9.5

    -yup just like Orlando and Washington, the Warriors have no chance to beat the top ranked Mavericks right? Probably. I'll still take the points with a team that took/swept the season series with a former coach that knows his former team inside out. That and the one big reason that it was stupid IMO that the Mavs, rested their players against GS in their next to last game when they could have help eliminate a potential opponent, and then went on to play their starters against Seattle. I read somewhere maybe the Mavs did this to get GS to pass the Lakers for the 7th spot so the Mavs would play the Lakers. Thats good, show your opponent that you're scared of them. LOL

    Golden State ML +500

    -read this off yahoo and just had to try the ML. GS was 3-1 against the Mavs last year before Nelson was even the coach. I know its the playoffs, and everythings different. Goes both ways though doesnt it? and since when has anyone marveled at the "extra gear" that the Mavs shift into for the playoffs? exactly. They are just a good solid team and play that way consistently, short of spectacular; they really don't have that feel of "we're about to blow you off the floor" kinda of team.

    one unit each

    GL everyone! (I'll prolly lose em all anyways LOL)
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    Qcumber- GL!...what's new?
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      thanks FF, whats going on man

      4-1 (+6.9 units)

      Golden State :beerbang:

      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
      -Big Pimpin-