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Tommy Gold's NBA PLAYOFFS 2010.05.06 Picks (42-22-1, +17.26u)

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  • Tommy Gold's NBA PLAYOFFS 2010.05.06 Picks (42-22-1, +17.26u)

    NBA 2009/2010 HDP & OU Record: 392-286-9, +72.75 units won (678 units risked) New Season High!
    NBA 2009/2010 Moneylines Record: 44-74, -0.69 units lost (118 units risked)

    NBA PLAYOFFS (42-22-1, +17.26u) 2010.05.06 only pick:

    Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic

    Once again, the Magics will host the Hawks. In the first match, the Magics were able to get a blowout win. They won last game 114-71, while their biggest lead during the game was by 46 points. This show how big his the gap between these teams. If in the first quarter the Hawks were able keep the result close, they only were able to repeat it in the last quarter, when the Magics granted their win and made same changes. The Magics didn't like how the first quarter ran, with only 2 points lead in the end of it. So, they woke up and for the rest of the game with a great defense and offense.

    After the first quarter, when they were leading by 2, they went to the halftime with 20 points lead, allowing only 10 points in the second quarter. The differences between both teams are evident, and for those who thinks that the Hawks will be able tonight to fight back, just remember that the Magics didn't played any game for fun this season. Even with their playoff spot granted, while other teams were resting players, the Magics played with their best. Even against a team like Bobcats in the playoffs, where they could be more generous and give up one game, they gived 4-0. So, nobody should expect the Magics to rest and get a lower pace, every good win is like a tonic for them, they will be able to do it better in the next game.

    The Hawks have huge problems in the paint, allowing 56 points while scoring only 36. There is no way for the Hawks be able to hold Howard, and that will be always an edge for the Magics. In the paint, only a miracle day could give advantage for the Hawks. Another big problem, is their offense, While they have huge problems defending in Orlando, they have also big problems in offense, with 10 points in second quarter and 11 points in the third quarter. With so much problems, it's normal to made more faults than suffering, giving again another edge for the Magics.

    It's hard to see another result than another blowout win for the Magics. They have the edge everywhere. Almost the double of the point in the paint (as long as the rebounds), better offense and defense. And if it's enough, they have also the moral edge, as the Magics now that they are able to win by many, and will try to do it. The Hawks already in Milwaukee huge problems playing on the road. And if it happened in Milwaukee, when they lost by 18 and 7 points both game... In Orlando will be worst for sure.

    Pick: Orlando Magic -9.5 -105 (1.95) BetPhoenix, -110 (1.91) Bookmaker

    * One unit each always.

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    NBA PLAYOFFS (43-22-1, +18.21u) 2010.05.06 results recap:

    Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic: Orlando Magic -9.5 -105 (1.95) BetPhoenix (112-98: WIN)

    NBA 2010.05.06 finished 1-0 and +0.95 units won/1 unit risked on HDP & OU.
    NBA 2009/2010 HDP & OU Record: 393-286-9, +73.7 units won (679 units risked) New Season High!

    NBA 2009/2010 Moneylines Record: 44-74, -0.69 units lost (118 units risked)