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Tommy Gold's NBA PLAYOFFS 2010.05.07 Picks (43-22-1 (66.15%), +18.21u)

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  • Tommy Gold's NBA PLAYOFFS 2010.05.07 Picks (43-22-1 (66.15%), +18.21u)

    NBA 2009/2010 HDP & OU Record: 393-286-9 (57,879%), +73.7 units won (679 units risked) New Season High!
    NBA 2009/2010 Moneylines Record: 44-74, -0.69 units lost (118 units risked)

    NBA PLAYOFFS (43-22-1 (66.15%), +18.21u) 2010.05.07 first 3 picks: *

    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Boston Celtics: Boston Celtics PK -110 (1.91) 5Dimes, BetPhoenix

    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Boston Celtics: Under 193 -105 (1.95) BetPhoenix, -110 (1.91) Bookmaker

    Phoenix Suns @ San Antonio Spurs: Under 206 -110 (1.91) 5Dimes, BetUS

    * One unit each always. Dunno if will take any side on the late game.

    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Boston Celtics

    If there were any questions, it would be more probable a 2-0 for the Celtics than for the Cavaliers. It seems that will happen the same from last season: the Cavs being a big contenders, with high expectations, but unable to reach the title. We should give the credits that the Celtics deserve. If in game one, they allowed a good bounce back when they were winning by more than 10 points, in the second game they didn't accept any appeal from the Cavs and won by 18 points.

    At this point, the Cavs already lost the home advantage, something that they needed an entire regular season to achieve. With some lack of team work and chemistry, specially due to a bad coaching in the final part of the regular season, the team isn't producing as much as they can. That 2 weeks they played without their best players, losing the mechanism that they acquired during months, are taking an huge cost. Cleveland needs to improve, a lot, or at least a streak of a really bad days from the Celtics, to get to the conference finals. The Cavaliers are struggling a lot, with lots of problem to overtake the Celtics defense. If there wasn't LeBron, the team weren't able to win the first game. With a poor offense, without dominating the rebounds and with less 3 points made, the team even with the big edge in the free throws, are having big problems.

    The Celtics will only lost home games against the Cavaliers when the Cavs start to play at their best or when the Celtics will have a bad day. At this point, there is no way to see the Cavs going to win at Boston, even with the odds making the Cavs the favorites. The Celtics are dominating in the paint, as they are much more aggressive, and are making a great defensive games. They have the edge there, and with several good offensive players as well, have the edge against the Cavaliers. About LeBron, they are making lots of faults on them to try to stop him, as he his the only Cavaliers players that the Celtics have difficulties to stop. But they can deal with it well if they can stop the rest of the team as they did in the last games.

    Picks: Boston Celtics PK -110 (1.91) 5Dimes, BetPhoenix & Under 193 -105 (1.95) BetPhoenix, -110 (1.91) Bookmaker