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lets go lakers!

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  • lets go lakers!

    Im going all in on the lakers tonite +3 (buying 1/2 pt.) :cheer:

    lets hope this works, GL TO ME!!!!:thumbs:

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    I like the play, but if you are that confident in them why do you need to buy a half point? Seems dumb.


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      my personal preference, in my betting history 1/2 points have brought me many "pushes" that would have resulted in losses otherwise...

      And in a situation like this where im going all in, I'd rather be safe than sorry.......

      But yea thanks, opinions are always welcome :cheers:
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        Nice hit, but I have to agree with Daws... even with the 1/2 pt buying, why not go ML?

        Btw, what does "all-in" mean, how many units?
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          This is what I was doing last night LOL!

          Thanks Akat, ML would have been a great call last night, but I couldnt risk it, I like to play it safe, even when gambling....that extra point cushion gave me a little exta security and peice of mind if the game came down to a last minute shot.....

          All in for me, was the total of my BetUS account.....and lets just say if $100 is a unit, I went in about 8.5 units :jiggy:

          (not sure if we can talk money on here, so mods please forgive if I have done wrong)