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    As a native from Cleveland, I have seen a lot of pain when it comes to sports. I do not live and die NBA so it doesn't really kill me as a fan, but as an ex-Clevelander, it hurts to see HOW this was done vs. why it was done or the fact that he wanted to play for Miami.

    He did not have to sink a knife into his so called hometown, a team that was willing to pay him more than the Heat and where if they were able to win a championship, it would have been because he led them to it.

    I found it interesting that 1 in 4 TVs were tuned into this travesty in Cleveland....only one in 8 were tuned into it in Miami....TV ratings out today.

    I hope lightning somehow strikes either the Browns, Indians or Cavs and one of them wins a championship before this classless chump does in Miami. Cleveland has the best sports fans in the nation, in one of the worst economies in the nation.
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    Typical NBA Egomaniac. What's funny is that "king" James couldn't "lead" his team to any championships, and never really even came close. Sure, they made the finals once, but they also got their asses swept right outta there by the Spurs.

    Even if he wins titles in Miami, it's meaningless as far as how he's going to be remembered, imo. He's already written his NBA legacy, and that's as an egotistical player who couldn't get it done with an even above average cast of surrounding players. He'll never be known as one of the all time greats, no matter how many titles he wins. Not when he has to win them with what is going to basically amount to an all star team. And the talk of comparing him to MJ is assinine and ridiculous.

    And i wonder if Bosh is actually even going to play at 100% once HIS huge ego isn't getting stroked enough cause all the spotlights are on James and Wade? Anyone who's watched NBA basketball enough could see he has always been an "I'll play when I feel like it" guy.

    I agree, the whole thing makes me like the NBA less. I didn't think that anything could top Brett Favre's egotistical whining and carrying on every off season, but this by far surpasses it.

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      Im a bit taken by the fact that there was a one hour special where he was to announce his choice at the end of the show.

      Kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Almost seems as if though they're making him out to be bigger than the sport. Surprised that this flew with David Sterm as Chief.


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        It's going to be funny when they don't win.... I may get down on some Magic futures
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          LeBron made the right decision for his career....point blank, whether he made the right choice in presenting this decision, thats up debate

          If LeBron would have stayed in Cleveland and never won a championshiop (which not one single person can do, its up to management to surround him with the complementary players-- something they never did) everyone would always continue to talk down about him and how he never won a title.

          Now by him going to Miami with D.Wade and Bosh, this pretty much guarantees that he will get a title and the haters won't have anything bad to say about him.

          Well I take that last statement back, people will always have something to say about you, thats why again I stress the fact that you have to do whats best for you, your career, and family and base you decisions on that and not base them on how you will be perceived by people and the media.

          Anyways, just had to express my opinion, especially since Im tired of seeing all this Lebron Bashing

          LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!! lol! :thumbs:


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            How does going to miami guarantee him a championship?


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              I said "pretty much guarantees".....

              I say this for the obvious reasons that if you put 3 of the top players on one team in the NBA, thats gonna be a really good NBA history will show you, this doesnt happen very often because most players wouldn't sacrifice the HUGE paycheck, just for the big paycheck....

              This was proven by the 2008 Boston Celtics, and even with their age, they still made it to the NBA finals this year with "BIG 3" team....


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                Originally posted by wlivingston04 View Post
                This was proven by the 2008 Boston Celtics, and even with their age, they still made it to the NBA finals this year with "BIG 3" team....
                Disagree. That team was stacked with not only the big 3 but great role players to compliment the team. Rondo, Perkins, Posey, Powe, **** even Eddie House stepped up huge in some games. Who knows but I think this will be an interesting season on the way:thumbs:
                Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...