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***UDoggie's Plays until Round 1 is Done***

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  • ***UDoggie's Plays until Round 1 is Done***

    Playoffs 37-49-1 +$200

    6 straight days of profit get me back in the black... Still have a bunch of pending plays, so I'll repost them here to keep track (the other futures are in my Sig).

    Bulls series-1600 (W)
    Nets series-235

    $2000 to win $1028

    Warriors series+190

    $300 to win $570

    Hous/SA/Phx/Dal/Clev series

    $400 to win $469

    Tuesday plays.....

    Mavs-3 1stq

    4 units

    Only play so far... I have to believe Dallas comes out desperate, & I think it translates into a big lead at the start. Whether or not they can hold the lead is the big question. They lead by 7 last game in GS after the 1stq, IMO we see a similar start today. Considering taking the Warriors game line, as IMO they make this close/possibly win. Be back with more thoughts later.
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    Udoggiedog-GL! must have a ton of disposable income to be able to lay 2000.00 on a play. I do pretty well in life but i wouldn't ever think of putting 2K on a game.....GL!
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      LoL far from it....That's not a play on 1 game, but a series play. Besides the Sabres round 1 series play, that's probably the biggest wager I've ever placed. I made it when they were up 2-1 as I liked the Nets game 4, & to win the series. Paired it with the Bulls as that was pretty much free $$$ to buy out of the Heat series play I made. I figured if I didn't play that I would be laying pts in NJ 2x on 4 unit plays, & ML plays on both those games to win less would have cost me more.....
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        GSW/Dal o205-102


        NJ/Tor u93 1sth

        3 units each

        Mavs-220 1stq

        $100 to win $270

        Don't really like much in the Nets game, other than the under 1sth as IMO Toronto has no choice but to slow things down & run the offense through Bosh... we saw what happened last game, when the Nets were able to run & get the open threes. IMO today will be a whole lot closer, just playing Nets ml in parlay, but nothing more as I just need them to close the series out.

        IMO the Mavs/Warriors line is begging you to take GS, so I will. Honestly I think the only way the Mavs cover this number is if GS implodes, but by now I have the feeling they are confident & ready to close this series out....scary play even though the Warriors have played so well, as vegas doesn't give out too many gifts, but I just can't justify laying that kind of chalk for a team with little to no confidence...

        ***Also I would like to point out that it's Thor's best play on the board, which in case you didn't notice has been HOT!***

        Dirk "I got to take what they give me & they don't give me a lot"

        Avery "I'm tired of hearing how they've taken him out of his game & any lack of confidence"

        "We need our players to be confident, resilient, persistent & that's what I want to see tomorrow"

        To me it's evident Dirk has no confidence, & I find it quite strange that he would even show weakness. Avery is right on point, but IMO it may be too late- GS already senses the Mav's weakness, & Baron, Jackson, Monta & co have been the ones who are displaying confidence, resilience & persistence throughout the whole series. I keep waiting for the Mavs to start shooting better, maybe today they do so. IMO both teams get over 100 today, so I have to play the over.... I think that if the Mavs do pull out the cover, it will be because they score over 110, & I expect the Warriors to keep pushing, so over it is :thumbs:
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          parlay & also 1 play for tomorrow...


          $50 to win $618

          LaL/Phx u210-110

          4 units

          Worth a shot, IMO. Getting odds like that on 2 teams to close out their series is pretty rare- ridiculous payout if it hits.

          Elimination game, IMO again the Lakers will try to slow things to a still is their only shot at getting a win. I was on the over last game & it barely creeped over- Phx shot 48% & it totalled 213. Time to switch it back to the under. Smush likely to start at pg, as Farmer has been atrocious. Thinking the suns win 100-96 or so, I also think the Lakers are catching too many pts possible play there too.
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          Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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            UD do you think Dirk will have a good game?
            :bang: 1 unit = 100 CAD

            14-19 -1115

            4-4 -260

            MLB Playoffs
            1-1 0

            3-5 -175


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              great call on the Mavs 1Q Udoggiedog....followed you on that and also played it and also used it in a parlay with the Ducks game Under6 1/2.......
              I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                Thanks FF, glad you tailed a winner this time :thumbs:

                Should have took the points in the Nets game, didn't see it but looks like it was close....still 3-3 +$520 :beer2:
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                  2 units each

                  Phx/LaL u217-275

                  $150 to win $408

                  IMO 2 win/ no covers for the faves tonight....
                  Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                    Hot parlay udoggie!


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                      SA/Den o95.5 2ndh

                      2 units
                      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                        Suns-3-120 2ndh

                        4 units


                        2 units


                        $100 to win $178
                        Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                          Well that was nice, added on a bunch of losers.... 1-5 -$1354 first losing day in 7 days, time to bounce back


                          GS/Dal o208.5+100

                          Utah-2.5 1sth

                          5 units each

                          Jazz-165 1sth

                          $200 to win $538

                          Dal/GS o208.5
                          Jazz-165 1sth

                          $100 to win $650

                          Love today's card.... could be great or trouble LoL. Writeups in a bit
                          Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                            GL Udogg...On GS as well..Really hope they can take this series from the Mavs :beerbang:


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                              Thanks EMV- let's cash it!

                              Utah/Houston- I have no reason to believe Utah loses today, but IMO taking them 1sth is the better play. They have led @ halftime (& covered ATS) in all 5 games previous to today. Houston is a slow-starting halfcourt team, & it seems to take Yao a bit to get rolling. I don't forsee that changing at all today away from home today. Utah is playing good ball, which frankly I didn't expect given their 2ndh of the season. Besides Baron Davis, who has been more instrumental in the post season to their team other than Boozer? I have to give credit to Barbosa, Deng as well, but they definitely don't have as tough of an assignment as Boozer does ... He's avg 23 ppg/ 11 rebs for the series, & is playing damn good defensively as well, IMO. He has been a beast in the paint & the Rockets have yet to provide an answer for him. IMO Deron Williams has also been instrumental, it seems as if Alston is having some trouble keeping him in check. Last home game he played great, with 25 pts, 7 assists & only 1 to. IMO Utah 1st q, as well as Utah team o94 are solid too, may still throw a unit on each. I would also be on Utah 1stq, but it's currently -2-125, so it makes more sense to go with the half play- just 1 more pt to cover & at the standard -110. As for the team total, Utah has been producing more & more with the progression of the series, scoring 92 in Houston & 98 last home game. They have shot a shade over 46% in the last 2 games.... IMO the Rockets win the series game 7, but it's not gonna be a walk in the park....

                              GS/Dal- Seems to be 2 schools of thought in regards to the way this series is going (as there often is lol). The first is that GS had their chance to close it out, & now the Mavs have momentum & will escape the first round scare. That GS had all the momentum, & now it's reversed & the pressure is on GS. The other is that Nellie ball will prevail. I'm with the latter-

                              It's simply too late in the series for anyone to think of this Warriors team as a fluke. They have covered all but 1 game- I was on the Mavs game 2 when they covered, & honestly, it was a very lucky cover. No Tech fouls/ejections & you're looking at a very close game. Last game, GS could have layed down after trailing by 20, but the fact is they believe. Sure, they lost & blew it down the stretch, but was it really that convincing of a win for Dallas? If Dirk misses that 3 when they are down 9, this series is over. Now they are expected to go into GS (where they haven't won in 2 years) & all of a sudden outhustle, outshoot & outplay this Warriors team? They haven't done it all series long, to me GS is still the more confident team. Nellie is getting the most out of everyone, can you say the same for Avery? (Disclaimer: I am not knocking Avery, IMO he is one of the best coaches in the NBA & has HEART). The point is GS is meshing. Who isn't making plays for them? Baron, JRich, Jackson have all been clutch. Barnes is playing well off the bench- IMO only an extremely poor shooting performance by them tonight will result in them losing.... GS shooting performances game 1 on...43%, 47%, 48.1%, 45.9%, 47%. Why would that change tonight at home in front of their home crowd (which the Warriors seem to feed off more than any team i've watched in the playoffs). Dallas had to shoot 50% last game to beat them, & shot 47% in their other victory. In the first two Dallas losses, they shot 38%. I don't expect a poor shooting performance from Dallas tonight either, hence the over play. My predictem prediction: 113-108 Golden State

                              Anyone with thoughts feel free to postem :thumbs:
                              Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...