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NBA Sunday 3/4

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  • NBA Sunday 3/4

    ytd 159-156 (-3.54 units)

    Boston ML +107
    Milwaukee ML -120
    Hornets +2

    2 units each

    Also considering Philly. It's just tough to play on them as a fave.

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    For a second there I thought I somehow made my way to the MLB forum. :thumbs:

    Win some $$ today.


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      LOL, I am playing an abnormal amount of moneylines today for some reason.

      Red Sox :beerbang:

      Come on Brewers :nuts:


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        Well, I'm still not sure about laying points with Philly, but I'm going to. The public continues to pound the living crap out of NJ, yet this line just isn't budging.

        Philly -2 (-108)

        2 units

        I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that the Milwaukee Bucks, win or lose today, are a disgrace. If Redd would learn to make a pass once and a while instead of shooting brick after brick when he's pretty well defended, plus he's obviously ice cold in the 4th qtr, this game would have been over long ago. Losses like this beyond disgust me.


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          Wow that's a bad beat man. Get 'em back w/ Philly.


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            Yea, it happens....still doesn't mean i like it, lol. It sucked watching Redd build that lead for Milwaukee when he was hot, then piss it all away by taking some pretty darn ugly shots in the 4th and letting Chicago creep back into it. At that point the momentum was already gone for the Bucks, and it was just a matter of time I suppose.

            Looks like so far the books knew something in the Philly game. Hope they didn't fall apart in the 4th like Milwaukee....


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              :thx: on Philly. I was going to lay off on that game altogether just because it's been difficult to figure out how the hell either of those teams is going to play on given night. However it now looks like the Nets have decided quit playing for awhile and Philly has got a second wind. The Sixers were just so damn awful for about 3 months that not many bettors seem comfortable playing on them (huge numbers on NJ tonight). Philly has now started to put things together a little and could offer some decent value going forward.


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                Ouch, tough day ey? Will be fading away from you tomorrow....get hot dogg!!