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Greatest upset in NBA playoff history?

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  • Greatest upset in NBA playoff history?

    I'm no NBA historian, but do ya'll honestly think this was the biggest upset?

    only two things stand out that would make that statement true:

    1) a number 8 beat a number 1 for the first time in a 7 game series. (which we all know is vastly harder than a 5 game series)

    2) the stats that garnish this series from the get-go, a 67 win team vs. a team that had to go 9-1 down the stretch to make it into the playoffs, and whom barely found out they were in on the last day of the regular season.

    other than that, I'm not too impressed:

    1) regular season sucked ass, competition just wasnt there. Dallas may have won 67 games, but I didnt get the impression they were just straight up dominant, even with their two separate 10+ winning streaks or so.

    2) too many teams tanked to go after a very stacked upcoming draft, so you have tons of teams that prolly folded for Dallas along the way.

    3) Dirk may be MVP, but didnt look like one all season, and especially in the playoffs, while his whole team looked like sensitive pimpled 90 lb 12 year olds on the playground being pushed around.

    I guess to sum up, I mean to say that Dallas wasnt that good IMO to begin with, and the Warriors were extensively better than their regular season record indicated, especially knowing that they started to win more when Baron came back.

    can't be that historic of an upset with so many more other series to choose from especially in the mid 80s or 90s.

    (help me out if any of ya'll know better examples)

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