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Celts vs. Knicks Series

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  • Celts vs. Knicks Series

    Anyone think the Knicks stand a chance of beating the Celts in the series?

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    i think only 3 teams don't have a shot at winning their series


    those 3 i just cant see winning...

    I think the pacers can be the nba's seahawks
    i also think they match up well vs bulls and i could see this series going the distance if they can win 1 of the first 2 games... otherwise they might get swept

    magic i think are too hot and cold like the hawks, and which ever team comes with the E for "EFFORT" will win this series.

    Knicks win if Billups Brings his A game every night... with out billups this train will derail...

    Oklahoma City hmmm I like them... ill be rooting for them to move on.. and play the blazers in the wester finals!!!!!! but denver has seem to be hot and they are the highest scoring team in the nba.... could be a fun series to watch

    Blazers RIP CITY! OH I AM SO F'N PUMPED!! Dallas get your tissues ready and the monkey butt powder handy cause the rash we are gonna leave when we smack your asses in this series, oh your gonna need it :beerbang::beerbang::beerbang: Rose Garden is gonna be on FIRE!!! cant wait!!!

    i know probably none of what i just said makes sense but its my 2 cents and i probably wouldnt bet the knicks or pacers to upset the series, BUT it wouldnt shock me if they both won.... :thumbs:

    GOOD LUCK this playoffs and RIP CITY!!

    67-46-2 +41.08 units