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Game 6 thunder Grizz

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  • Game 6 thunder Grizz

    I am Huge Fade in the NBA i cant win any pick i make...

    Thunder ml +105

    3 units

    Other than game 1 the thunder have basically owned the grizzly, if not for the thunder falling on their face in game 3, this series is 4-1 and done already... and in game 4 they managed to win even being completely ice cold in 4th ot 2nd ot 3rd ot....

    This series should end Tonight i gotta play the better team...

    Good Luck everyone especially me get me on the NBA board b-ball gods:beerbang:

    67-46-2 +41.08 units

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    I think you got it right tonight. Thunder close it out


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      A little more explanation to why i made the pick i did today,

      I feel this series is almost identical to the way the blazers / dallas series played out..

      Both series dallas and okc dominated all the games but 1.... game 1 grizzles and game 3 for blazers

      both series featured a pretty amazing dramatic comeback for win Grizzles game 3 Portland Game 4

      Winner of Both game 5's after being tied 2-2 OKC & DALLAS both won game 5 in very convincing fashion....

      Both teams that have dominated the series dallas & Okc both have a Superstar on them.. (may not be relevant to you but to me, a superstar is relevant to winning a title)

      last team effort championship without a superstar was Pistons, who were a way better team than memphis could even think of being...

      Now i expect Okc to follow dallas and their superstar shows up big on the road and closes this series in 6 like dirk in the mavs did, a little drama early but then the pressure is applied and durant and westbrook stroke some 3's and cause some turn overs this one gets stretched to a 12 point lead....

      That my take in why i took the thunder this morning... Good Luck guys:beerbang:

      67-46-2 +41.08 units


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        i agree with you on just about everything you've said about this game except i think okc/durant is much different than dallas/dirk as far as maturity and playoff experience, both for the superstar and the surrounding players. that's why i made the choice to go with the grizz tonight, even though i do think they're the inferior team in this series.

        And the Pistons had Rasheed Wallace. He's a mega star, isn't he? Just ask him :bow:


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          Oh of course I meant to say thunder close it out tonight. HA:beerbang: