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Is anyone ballsy ebough to take the UNDER tonight? (mavs-thunder)

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  • Is anyone ballsy ebough to take the UNDER tonight? (mavs-thunder)

    All I see everywhere is Over, over, over...

    Why is the line staying so close to 201? Who in their right moind would take the under?

    Probably me?

    I see the under as a contrarian play of the year if you like that kind of thing!

    I am suprised that Lang doesn't have his end of the world, bet your baby girl GOY on the over as much as he loves public plays!

    Any thoughts? I may be carzy but I am waiting and will play the under here tonight.:beerbang::beer2:

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    I took the under. People forget the Mavs actually played pretty good defense this season. I also don't think Dirk can possibly be as efficient as he was in game 1. Unless they're playing at a break neck pace, which I don't think is the intent of the Mavs here, a few cold spells from the field should keep it under the number, hopefully...

    By the way, the Mavs have covered the spread like 14 straight games now. That's a ridiculous number. Probably some kind of record....


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      I just can't see both teams shooting that high of a % from the field either. I kept waiting for them to go a little cold last game and it never happened, as I bet the 2nd half under after the hot start. Odds are they aren't going to average 50% bewtween them this game from the field either.

      Maybe its gift day for the books, but usually when it looks easy, its better to go the other way.

      I think if OKC covers this game it will stay under and I see them staying within the 6 myself.