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NBA Playoffs Fades Sat 5/6

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  • NBA Playoffs Fades Sat 5/6

    Well, one of these days I'll win one....well actually I won Thurs night with Golden Shower on the ML, but other than that, I don't think I've won a game in like a week and half, lol

    NJ/Cleveland under 184.5 (-102)

    2 units

    IMO Cleveland will be very deliberate in this game, knowing bad shots early in the shot clock will result in NJ fast breaks, and if forced to play in the half court offense, NJ isn't a great scoring team at all. If Cleveland has their way, I see this one ending in the high 160's or so.

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    Wow, i'm surprised this one didn't go into 3 OT's and land on 185. Would have fit my day perfectly :beerbang:


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      got the day wrong but you got the game right which i guess is more important
      I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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        LOL, didn't I do that last Sunday too?

        I think the problem is that it seems like Saturday to me today because I had to work yesterday (Saturday), when normally I don't, so my first day off would normally be Saturday, except the last 2 weeks it's been Sunday.

        Maybe I should cancel the wager because of the date being posted incorrectly, lol.

        Sportsbooks would :boog: