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    YTD 42-28 +4.05

    I sure hope you didn't watch the Cavs game yesterday or you might have puked! For starters the Cavs blew what looked like an easy cover. A flurry of Celtics points near the end and then Sexton pulls up for 3 at the buzzer, gets hacked and the ref doesn't call it because it wouldn't have made a difference in getting a win. (but it would have covered). His job is to call the foul. Not pass on it because it "wouldn't have mattered". It mattered to us! lol Anyway, can't carry that negative energy forward. As bad as that was, our Grizzlies play smashed. Kissing our sister (pushing 1-1) isn't ideal, but it's not the end of the world either.

    Moving on ...

    Taking Warriors +8 today. Good luck!