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NBA Playoffs 5/10

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  • NBA Playoffs 5/10

    Wow GS really bent me over last night and gave it to me good..

    Stones +3 ..I think Detroit learned a lot from last years second round series against Clev..They dominated Clev just like they are the Bull right now and then let the Cavs come back in the seires and almost won the series//They do not want a repeat of that this year.. I know the Bulls are at home and this just might be HOMER insight from me but even if the Pistons only play half as well as they have been playing they will still beat the Bulls IMO..GLTA

    2.5 Units

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    1-0 +2.5 Units..Will be on them in game 4 as well.. Go Stones!!


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      Stones way too good for these clowns. 10 points in the 4thQtr at home and it's a must-win despicable.
      So back during college basketball season my buddy Shecky tells me hes got this system. He says its an absolute lock when you have this combination: Big East team, on the road, given less than 6 points with a white point guard. ---Artie Lange in Beer League


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        During last years playoffs everyone was pointing fingers at Flip when I think Ben really was the problem..He shows up late today for the game and doesn't even care when interviewed..All he could say to the reporter when he asked him about it was there was traffic, and if he thought he would be fined he replied something like.."They handle their bidness (meaning the Bulls organization) I'll handle my bidnesss..This dude is supposed to be the leader of this young Bulls team and the missing peace for them..This guy is a sell out..Detroit made him and now they are breaking him.. Just sucks to see a dude who acted like he worked so hard and just loved to play the game when really all he cared about was the paycheck..