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Playoffs 5/13

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  • Playoffs 5/13

    This is prolly just a Homer talking but I dont see how the Bulls can win today..I know they are a good team and you would have to think they would win at least one game and if they are going to win one this is going to be the only one. I just don't see that happenning. They were up by almost 20 on Detroit and let them come back to win the game..They have to have close to no confidence going in to this game knowing that that they threw all the haymakers in the last game but only for half the fight..Plus I believe the Pistons have a great close out game record..The last time they lost a series winning game was a Believe to the Spurs when they lost in the Finals..With all that said:

    Stones ML -148

    4 Units

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    Eww nice work Stones..Oh well it will be over on Tuesday (I hope)

    GS -2 1st qtr -125..Played this last game and got lucky will try it

    GS -4 1st half..

    3 Unit Each