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How busted is Robert Horry gonna get?

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  • How busted is Robert Horry gonna get?

    How busted is Robert Horry gonna get and will it affect the Spurs chances at winning the series?

    I bet he gets sat down for AT LEAST 2 games. That was one of the cheapest shots Ive ever seen in an NBA game.

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    Actually it wasn't all that bad... I mean Horry weighs 200 lbs more than Nash. Likely to be suspended, but doesn't hurt them that much.

    The real question is what happens to the Suns. A few players came of the bench, which David Stren HATES.


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      If Stern suspends Amare and Diaw I don't see how Phoenix can win the game..I know he will prolly want to be a hard ass and make an example out of someone but think of it this way..Yes going on to the court during a fight or gathering lol is against the rules, but so is traveling and how often do you see that enforced..They barely came on to the court and to suspend them for that especially in a crucial game 5 is bull ****..I'm not a Suns fan or hater but I just want to see good fair games..Suspensions should be handed out to players but only when they are warranted..Would Michael have been suspended for doing what Amare did? And yeah that was a big cheap shot by Horry, I know he was frustrated but come on you take it out on llittle Stevie Nash gimme a break..


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        How can you say not all that bad!

        That was filthy ;)


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          Is getting ejected at the end of the game becoming the "cool" thing to do now? Jrich took a cheap shot at Okur yesterday where he could have injured him badly. Like, just let him get the damn dunk, you're down by DDs. And today Robert Horry with that push on Nash is horrible. I agree, 2 games to say the least.


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            I watched more replay this morning and I agree--that was pretty bad. I can clearly see now that Horry really laid Nash out!


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              The cheap shots keep coming

              the only team ive backed with a cheap shotter was the nets when mikey moore gave pavoliv something to dream about...the playoffs are heating up with intensity.


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                SAS has a great chance with stoudemire out!... it dont look like he is gonna suit up tommorrow... :beer2:


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                  Originally posted by homedawg View Post
                  SAS has a great chance with stoudemire out!... it dont look like he is gonna suit up tommorrow... :beer2:
                  I dont like it one bit. I want to see Stoudemire play!

                  I love my Spurs, but even I can be objective and see that they are a bunch of whiny ass boring players LOL.

                  and what I especially dont like is how they really dont get respect. (really) I mean people still bitch about the "half-season" championship they won in 99 i think that should have an asterisk on it because it was a lockout season...please if the Lakers or Knicks won that year, no one would make a peep.

                  so if the spurs indeed have a good chance without stoudemire, more critics will say, oh they only won because the suns best player was out at a critical juncture in the series, and their "possible" NBA title would be tarnished yet again.

                  no respect no respect LOL.

                  GEEZ i sound like Duncan and Ginobili now LOL

                  "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
                  -Big Pimpin-


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                    to quote DEE, from "What's Happening!"....................................... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, you gonnna get it Rob.......
                    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !