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Bulls in 7? Boston RedSox Status?

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  • Bulls in 7? Boston RedSox Status?

    after game 3 series price was bout that me a bulls homer but i think they can make this a series. moneyline tonight:beer2: hopefully.

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    Don't waste your money........
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      Originally posted by Underdog88 View Post
      Don't waste your money........
      Agree ... I cannot see them winning that series over a playoff tested, veteran ball club like the Pistons.. Give me BIGSHOT CHAUNCEY and Rip anyday of the week over Hinrich and BG....

      Bulls, still a player or two and a year or two away from making a serious run at a title. IMO

      Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole


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        Upon further Stoneage

        It will more than likely take a modern day miracle for the Bulls too pull out all 3 of the remaining games. Just think of how different the psychology of the players would be had the Bulls not blown the 19 pt lead in game 3. Bulls have shown nothing in Detroit so far and it seems like a trap to take them tonight... the spread for the first two games was only 5 and the public has pushed all the action on Detroit Heavy so far. If its like the first two games at Detroit I will be done watching it by halftime...but anyway GO BULLS.


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          NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
          NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
          NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
          NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


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            You might have your self a case here.


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              Guys Its Early One Things For Sure

              The Bulls are starting to hit on all cylinders. Game 6 will be huge if they force a 7 anything is possible.