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NBA hands the Spurs another title 5/16

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  • NBA hands the Spurs another title 5/16

    Rules are rules so w/e with the suspensions..IMO Duncan should then be suspended too he left his seat..Once again Stern sucking the dick of Duncan as usual..First the whole ref thing now this and that..If this game gets out of hand and I was D'antoni I'd "send out the goons" to kick someone in the shin or maybe knee them in the crotch? I'm not really a Suns fan, but I'm sick of the Spurs always getting the benefit of the doubt and special treatment..IMO horry only gets one game if it was not for the Amare and Diaw suspensions..And Stern is a pussy, I read on ESPN that he was supposed to be in Phoenix for game 5 but cancelled..Too afraid to show his face there, I mean after all, all he did was issue the suspension according to the rule right..With all that said I'm going to go ahead and take the Suns in this game..Call me crazy and I know it's going to be tough without Amare but this is the playoffs and someone else can step up for them..Plus they are at home and the crowd there knows they are going to have to keep the place rocking to make up for the loss of the suspended players..

    Suns +3 -101

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    I will be all over the Suns tonight too. IMO the only way the suspensions are going to hurt them is if they get tired from having a short rotation. We might actually get to see them go back to playing "Suns basketball" tonight too. They haven't even been close (IMO) for quite a while now....almost like they are trying to rely on Amare too much. I'd almost rather see them run more, shoot more 3's, and get the older and slower Spurs tired out. Guys like Parker and Ginobili should be fine, but bigger and/or older guys like Duncan, Bowen, and that guy that looks like he wants to be Fabio (Oberto?) might get a little bit worn down.

    Shawn Marion steps up big time IMO (he played SO MUCH better last year WITHOUT Amare), and getting the Suns as a home dog is a complete gift from where I stand. People overreact way too much to players being out.

    I guess we'll see tonight.

    GL :thumbs:


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      I was thinking the exact same thing. It's not like they lost their two time MVP Steve Nash or something. He only makes everybody else out there better by running the offense through people like Marion. The only problem I see is if Thomas gets in foul trouble early as I think POP will attack the ol' ass thomas with Duncan. The Suns really haven't had an answer for that big stiff duncan. Still waiting to pull the trigger as the line has gone to spurs -3.5
      Looks too easy. I don't know but ol Q-unit has been hot and he's also probably a Spurs homer and he's on the spurs.:bang:
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        Originally posted by Ming the Merciless View Post
        Looks too easy. I don't know but ol Q-unit has been hot and he's also probably a Spurs homer and he's on the spurs.:bang:
        LOL its a homer play of course, plus i play a mini-chase sys in the playoff series, and spurs didnt cover last game, so I doubled up tonight.

        GL emv01!

        I honestly wish people would just quit giving this so much press. I really want Amare, and Boris to be playing, I dont think they got a fair shake, but you know if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd be hearing it from the Spurs as well.

        plus considering how J-Rich took out Okur, and Davis elbowing Fisher, I enjoy seeing that rough/tough play in the playoffs, IMO its a whole lot better than what we've seen all year in the regular season with the tanking. At least these "dirty" plays show someone cares about winning.

        LOL never seen so many grown men whine though

        GL guys

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