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    I know this isn't the right forum for this question, but this is the forum where I believe I can get the quickest response. If I post in general discussion it might take weeks before I get an answer..

    Question: I made an account with 5dimes, but I am having a hard time depositing money into my account. Has anyone else had this problem? Do credit card companies have blocks on transactions made outside US or online? Do you have to call and tell them to allow the transaction this time?

    What about western union? I talked to them and they gave me a random name in panama city?? Seems a little shady to me.. Not sure if anyone has used this method to deposit, but is it safe??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks guy.. Once again, Sorry for posting in here, just trying to get a quicker response

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    I do not remember having an issue with them with credit cards. If I did, I then used my paypal to pay. Western Union is safe and their address may be Panama City.

    I would suggest either calling them or doing a live chat session. All the options and address can be confirmed then. Hope this helps.