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  • Nba

    One play today pistons -6.

    Since you guys say i dont post, im going to. My specialty is wnba, so easy to bet on. The handicappers spend all their times on the major sports and I find bad lines all the time. Ill start posting those I have a system with the over/unders that works 80 percent of the time. Ill post tomorrow 3 games, 3 cash ins, or at least two so I make money lol.

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    you're a pecker........

    80% my ass........
    CFB: 25-28-1 (+3)

    NFL: 14-12 (+7.75)

    CBB: 07-08: 54-43(+11.25) RD 3-1


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      I mean you notice I dont pay you any mind. First of all you say I dont post anything reasonable now I am and I do know wnba, Calling me names doesnt show that you a bad boy lol. I know for a fact that if you were in front of me that you wouldnt open your mouth. But thats not the point I have information on wnba and im going to share it what do you have to lose, ill post my picks before the games and when the results come out you can talk simple as that, I bet out of my 3 picks at least 2 of them are right. That means if you bet the same money on all 3 games you'll win money! lol. I started betting on wnba last year and made a killing I couldnt wait for the season to start again and so far this season im 9-1 lol. Only lost was the liberty yesterday going over.


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        I'm 10-0 in WNBA and I will be posting my DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEER play of the Century tonight..


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          Originally posted by Thenextworldc View Post
          I know for a fact that if you were in front of me that you wouldnt open your mouth.
          interent message board hard out....

          wheres van gundy with the spider man tats and the braids.....