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What was LJ23 suppose too due?

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  • What was LJ23 suppose too due?

    Take the shot and risk Sheed blocking him?

    Larry Hughes would've nailed that shot...but Donyell Marshall with all your chips in one basket on the road? I know MJ23 would've stayed back and crossed over Rip Hamilton and then drained a shot too force overtime. Anyways I got Pistons for the Series but still my heart wants too see Cavs advance...better luck in the next game lebron james 23. Cavs will roll at home thats for certain.

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    One Thing is For Sure

    Chauncey Billups is a cold calculated Assassin out there and it only equals one thing for the Pistons $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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      "suppose to due"?


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        Good Shot

        That was a good shot, Lebron could have scored a layup he had wide open lane to basket, Even Rasheed said in the post game that he was on the other side of the basket he just went over to rebound the ball, the Cavs coaching staff knows that it would be hard to pull it out in OT, went for the win and was a good shot, Cavs did better than I thought, even though detroit missed like 95% of their shots, Billups did nothign except for that big shot, Webber was terrible as usual, Mcdyess missed all his shots that he usually makes, only people that played ok was Sheed and Rip and the pIstons should be happy that they won, they know they cant play much worse than yesterday and they still won. That has to be motivating.


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          Can I get a mother******* moment of silence for this...

          small Chronic break? :nuts: