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MM's NBA 23-Nov-2012...

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  • MM's NBA 23-Nov-2012...

    MM's NBA 23-Nov-2012...
    Trying out a new cappin' strategy for me this weekend. My handicapping is a never ending series of adjustments. After all, what has worked in the past is not guaranteed to work in the future.

    I surmise many gambling lessons are really life lessons in disguise. How many folks are you acquainted with that walk through life with a tainted vision of reality? You know; the one’s that do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. The one’s that blame their current situation on everybody else, rather than their own actions. Not coincidentally, those are the same folks whose unfortunate situation never changes. And then there are the enlightened ones; the folks who routinely analyze their behavior and learn from mistakes. The ones constantly adjusting their methods as they go. Yes, those are the ones that prosper.

    My premise is "how a team performs lately is far more important than its overall success." Don't over analyze a game !! Don't flood your brain with all kinds of statistical garbage. You can make stats and numbers mean anything you want to if you want. I absolutely hate reading all kinds of trends... especially like" this team has not won here in the past 10 meetings" This sends off an alarm to me that this team is ready to reverse this trend. Too much statistical jargon can be detrimental in making a rational decision IMO.

    Base your opinions about teams on their recent play, not stuff that happened 20 games ago. Once you get a feel for a teams current state, you are in a position to make a decent play. Don't forget a teams scheduling, plays heavily into their current state. Sometimes the schedule will favour a team and other times, it will put a team in a bad spot.

    Well that is sure enough rambling for me for now. If anyone would like to add or subtract from anything I said, feel free to do so. I hope we all can make some good decisions.

    Thanks to all that provide information daily. I do post my plays, but I don't include a lot of great stats and info like some others in my posts. I like to keep it really simple when I post, and feel that some others think you haven't done much capping, since you don't have a zillion trends and stats in your posts. I hope to continue to post some good plays in the future.

    All these are for (1) unit only

    CHA ml +140
    ORL ml -175
    BKN ml +125
    DET ml -125
    IND ml +160
    HOU ml +160
    HOU +4 -105
    GSW +6½ -107
    PHX ml -200
    POR ml -125

    OKA has no value for me today

    Staying away from LAL 0-3 & SAC 0-4 until they win a couple on the road.

    Last time out... 21-Nov-2012... 1-0 +3.00 (tailed a play 21-Nov. SAS ml -115 for 3 units)

    YTD: 24-23 +8.80
    Plays... 12-10 +4.50
    ML Strategy Plays... 0-0 +0.00
    Q~(¼)'s & H~(½)'s...4-4 +7.70
    Totals... 7-9 -4.40
    TOT's Q~(¼)'s & H~(½)'s... 1-0 +1.00
    Make a $1.00 more today than you made or lost yesterday