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Whit's NBA Finals 2007

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  • Whit's NBA Finals 2007

    Playoffs YTD 15-12-1 (+18.34 units)
    Reg. Season YTD 107-83-6

    Cavaliers +7.5

    1 unit


    Not even messing with the total, and hoping LeBron has a huge game because that's what they need from him if they want to win, let alone cover.

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    Game 3

    Cavaliers +1
    SA/Cle Over 179

    1 unit parlay

    I don't think the Cavs can beat the Spurs in a low scoring affair, giving it a try.


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      GL tonight Skip.....I've got the Spurs in 4 straight! :beerbang:
      Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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        Originally posted by joepa66 View Post
        GL tonight Skip.....I've got the Spurs in 4 straight! :beerbang:
        Holy Schmoly, JoePa in the nba forum. Can't wait till the MAC gets started. So you think Ball state, huh?good to see you.

        by the way, good luck whit boy
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        NCAA YTD: 2-3-2 -3.9 units.

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          Thanks joepa...

          It looks this game is staying under as I don't think both teams can score 101 points in the second half. Not so sure about the outcome now but I'm done w/the finals, gl to the rest of you guys.

          finals 0-2 (-2.00 units)

          Playoffs YTD 15-14-1 (+16.34 units)
          Reg. Season YTD 107-83-6