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NBA Trade: Ray Allen

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  • NBA Trade: Ray Allen

    Ray Allen to Boston Celtics for Wally Injury, 5th pick which is supposed to be Jeff Green and Delonte West.

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    steal for the sonics.

    two top 5 picks, get an expensive gimpy SG off your hands.

    way to go Sonics. hope they stay in seattle, but if they move to Vegas, betyourass thats my new favorite team! LOL

    "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
    -Big Pimpin-


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      Nice to see my blazers get rid of zach randolph too. NY has no idea what their in for. This guy is not only dumb, but he's trouble off the court too.

      Fred Jones and Dickau were just throw ins. Channing Frye boards and is a great young role player. I wouldnt be surprised to see Francis not stick with Portland, but who knows. I just hope if he does that the bastard doesnt spend half the year on the DL like he does everywhere else!


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        LOL....figures Isiah trades for another head case in Zach. If he had "offcourt" problems in the much fun do you think he will have in the big apple?


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          celtics get baby shaq glen davis as well as ray allen.


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            Originally posted by Daws1089 View Post
            celtics get baby shaq glen davis as well as ray allen.
            A future bust and an aging shooter...


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              Its nice to hear that somebody sees it for what it is JML.

              I was reading some other forums and NY'ers were all like "hey, this is great, a 23 and 10 guy!"

              But what they are failing to see is that:

              1. He's gotten busted for drugs.
              2. He's gotten busted for boozing
              3. He's had domestic issues.
              4. Somebody has accused him of rape.
              5. He's the dumbest player in the NBA.
              6. He's going to have more injury issues as time goes on. He's fairly fragile and getting worse.

              I know a well known radio personality who interviewed him. He said when you look into this guys eyes "nobody is home."

              And he was putting it nicely!

              Bye bye Zach! Hello Channing Frye!


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                Personally I think the local media had a witch hunt out for Zach. I hope he keeps his nose clean in New York. As far as Zach being "fragile" I don't see that as being the case. He has come back from microfracture surgery and hasn't really lost a step. With that said I realize in a lot of ways it was time for him to leave Portland and GO BLAZERS!
                So back during college basketball season my buddy Shecky tells me hes got this system. He says its an absolute lock when you have this combination: Big East team, on the road, given less than 6 points with a white point guard. ---Artie Lange in Beer League