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  • ATB Thursday "TNT" Picks...

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    Orlando -2

    I was waiting until this line drop to at least Orlando -1.5 or -1, but I'll go ahead and take the -2. I don't think it will drop any lower, or hopefully it doesn't. Orlando is trying to fight to keep their 8th spot seed as New Jersey at the same time trying to fight for it also. Orlando is trailing 1 game ahead of New Jersey. So tonight match is very crucial, especially when there's not that much game left before the season end. IMO, Orlando is a much more stronger and improved team this season. Chicago is going off a b2b night and took a bad beating against the Heat last night. Chicago is also a streaky team as they are on the road. Looking for them to fall short in the late quarter and fatigue should kick in. Orlando needs this win tonight before heading out on a 2 game road trip.

    GLTA :thumbs:
    Rowdy Rowdy Red!!!

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    Damn!!! im on the other side :dunno:

    GL ATB!!



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      3 Units...

      (2nd Half) Orlando -5

      Not too impress how they perform the 1st half. Hopefully they wake up from their comma and start playing some bball and make this a close game. Better yet, win the damn thing. ****...
      Rowdy Rowdy Red!!!


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        0-2, what a ******* disappointing night. What kind of basketball is Orlando playing out there? They look like ******* clowns with their heads up their asses. Last time I am laying money on Orlando this season. They ******* suck...

        :bang: :puke:
        Rowdy Rowdy Red!!!


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          **** it. I stopped betting Orlando early in the season. No reason the Magic should come out and lose by that many points especially when Bulls come out of a B2B. Scott Skiles whined and said Orlando had the "advantage" b/c Skiles whined like a bitch and said his team shouldn't have to play in Orlando in a B2B after they played Miami.
          So back during college basketball season my buddy Shecky tells me hes got this system. He says its an absolute lock when you have this combination: Big East team, on the road, given less than 6 points with a white point guard. ---Artie Lange in Beer League


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            I went the same as you in this game, bet on them before the game and at the half, luckily the Kings bailed me out thank god I waited till I got 8 points. I don't think i'm going to bet on or against Chicago anymore, never can tell what they're going to do.
            Spread:30-33:-12 units
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            O/U:5-5:+1 units
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            Moneyline:0-3 -2 units
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