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***UDoggie's Week 2 & Chatter***

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  • ***UDoggie's Week 2 & Chatter***

    NFL 7-15 -14.65 units

    Putting last week behind me & hoping to get on track. Late on the thread as I've been busy lately, but I have time to get into it now so here we go, Homedogs first....

    Titans+7 vs. Indy

    Browns+7 vs. Cincy

    Bucs+3.5 vs. Saints

    Dolphins+3.5 vs. Dallas

    Cards+2.5 vs Seahawks

    Those are the homedogs, which went 2-2 last week ATS. Personally, I have no interest in playing on the Browns or Bucs (faves or no play from me). You could definitely make the argument that both Cincy & NO have bad defenses, but the fact of the matter is in the end you still have to outscore the opponent. Sounds pretty basic, but it's true. Cincy sputtered at times on offense, but that was against the Ravens. The Browns allowed 4.9 ypc vs the Steelers last week, & only averaged 2.9 on the ground. I have a hard time thinking the Browns will be able to stifle the Bengals attack. While Cincy isn't great on the defensive side of the ball, they are able to put pressure on the QB & cause mistakes. I think Anderson has potential (I tend to agree with giving him the nod), but I just don't think he'll be able to score as much as Palmer & company... speaking of scoring, who the hell is Bodden to say Chad won't score in this game? Talk about putting yourself in a bad situation. The Saints looked bad opening day, but that was against the Colts! Last year when NO went to TB, Brees threw for 314 yards. I think the Saints take out their frustration on TB this week. Another sutuation where I don't think TB can generate nearly enough offense to keep it competitive.

    Titans- the type of team that can give Indy fits. Scrappy team that can run the ball at home. In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Titans are 10-1 as a dog in their last 11 played. Last year they beat Indy @ home 20-17 & ran all over them. The downside is that Peyton threw for 351 yards that game, & could very well throw for 300+ Sunday. Tough play to make, but it's worth looking into a bit further..

    Dolphins- I think the Dolphins will be a pretty bad team this year, & I hate playing them. I think Ronnie Brown is overrated & the D is definitely on the decline. However, I have a huge problem with Dallas. Before the game last week I said I thought the Dallas secondary was suspect, & I'm pretty sure of it now. I think Green could move the ball on Dallas if he gets a little help from the run game. One thing that sticks out to me is Washington's 190 yds rushing against Miami last week. You just aren't going to win games when you allow someone to run that effffectively. Tough to play a side here, I'm thinking about playing the over 40. 27-20 tpye game IMO.....

    Cards- Seattle favored on the road= fade. Last year I took the points in nearly every road game for Seattle, & it turned out well. They were 4-4 su, losing @ Chicago, KC, SF & Zona. They won 4 games on the road...

    9-6 win @ Detroit
    30-28 win @ St Louis
    23-20 win @ Denver
    23-7 win @ TB

    So the only convincing road win was against TB, who were in shambles at the time? Seems like a pretty clear cut choice, if only for the fade angle. Right now it's my favorite homedog & a likely play.

    More to come in a bit....
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...

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    it's bounce back week here udogg lets get it

    i just locked in the saints, i am very comfortable rolling with them in this spot, they've had since friday to prepare for a mediocre at best team. even if the bucs get an early lead i dont see them being able to score enough to put the game away. if i go down im going down with Brees.

    there are so many seemingly inflated lines this week i'm thinkin about laying off most of them, just dont want to back ****ty teams right now. bengals are rediculous public play but i cant see that game being close wen its all said and done, panthers looked great against the rams last week , delhomme burned me once again, he's either great or awful, at home against the texans i think they should be good for a potentially easy win.

    what you think about pack-gmen?, should be ugly
    PACKERS+125, depends on who is playing for the gmen really, if lorenzen is in i cant see them winning. i dont feel good riding the pack on the road tho because of their lack of running game. if they had a decent RB they could be a real threat in the NFC with that improved defense IMO. i def cant back the gmen here

    was actually considering some kind of 7 point teaser with 2 or 3 of the faves, there are alot of games to choose from, you def helped me eliminate colts with what you pointed out with titans, you looking into some kind of tease or ML parlay ? steelers-3, panthers(pk), bengals(pk), broncos(-3), so many choices to narrow down
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      GL Dogg!


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        GL Underdog
        NFL 0-0 +0.00units

        NCAAF 8-10 -9.20units


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          3 units each

          Pitt team o23.5-120

          Bears team o23-115

          Bengals team o24-115

          NE/SD u46.5-105

          2 units each


          1 to win 10 units
          Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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            GL UD:beerbang: i'm gonna be takin' dem brownies, at the best line possible:drunk: bettin against the mnf winna, on short week, goin' on the road, against a division rival:nuts:


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              Thanks Beholdah, Birds & BO :thumbs:

              Beholdah- thanks man. Feel the same way about the Saints. Although their defense is not great ( always a concern for me when backing a fave on the road), I just don't think TB will be able to exploit it. IMO Duece will be grinding out yardage today. If he's successful, it'll open up the game a ton.

              I liked the Panthers a little, but not enough to put a play in. Historically, the Texans have been horrible on the road, & bad after a loss. However, this is a new season & things can change. IMO the Panthers are better as a dog, & you never know which Jake will show up. Add in the question of how Shaub will perform on the road & I have too much unceratainty to make a play on the side. I am looking at the total under 39 pts, as I think this will be a heavy run game with a bunch of defense. Houston will continue to chip away at yardage on their possessions, & really only have one deep threat with A Johnson. I like the fact that both teams fared well against premier rbs last week... Houston held LJ to 43 yds on 10 carries, & Steven Jackson had 18 rushes for only 58 yds vs. the Panthers. (Looking at that, it's easy to see why KC lost so bad. 10 rushes for LJ? LoL). The Texans D will have to show up for the under to come in...or their offense could get shutout.

              The Giants IMO win this game, but I don't think I'm playing it. Tough to make the call with Eli a ? mark, Jacobs out & the D looking how it did last week. However I'm just not ready to trust the Packers on the road. 39 looks like a low number, I don't care how improved the Packers D is. If Eli goes, I'm playing it. Favre should be able to put up some pts against this weak secondary, & I think the Giants can too. They put up 35 @ Dallas, & allowed 45, I just don't see how this total is justified.

              This could very well be a teaser week, but beware the teaser busting SU dog winner! Who knows who it'll be, but I would like to think it's the Titans. If it's the Browns I'm an idiot for playing the Bengals LoL.
              Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                HD- I hope you get a 8.5 so we have a shot at splitting, but I just don't see them winning su, so I have to lay the chalk. That being said I hate being on the other side as you.
                Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                  gl underdog... :beerbang:


                  +4 UNITS

                  -4 UNITS


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                    Thanks Pirate :thumbs:

                    Giants team o20.5

                    Texans/Panthers u39

                    2 units each
                    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                      thanks for the input udogg i think imma lay off the gmen game and might as well just lay off delhomme, the man does ALWAYS burn me

                      btw, what book do you use udogg? betjamaica doesnt offer team totals and they dont have ML if spread is 13 or more generally, kinda wanna get the hell outta there

                      gl today :beerbang:


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                        Originally posted by TheBeholdah View Post
                        btw, what book do you use udogg? betjamaica doesnt offer team totals and they dont have ML if spread is 13 or more generally, kinda wanna get the hell outta there
                        5Dimes :thumbs:
                        Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                          Some classic posts last night you had my friend...

                          If you have been drinking and you know that your an ******* when you drink, take a break from posting till you feel better. LMFAO and boy do we have a bunch of drunks in this joint. Me being the king of the drunks. Kevin has been with me when I was on a three day drunk. I had a beer from the time I woke up till I went to bed. He knows I'm a happy drunk.

                          LOL J/K man..Them posts were funny as ****...COl STate!!!...GL today on a few with ya


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                            Thanks EMV... My younger brother threw a suprise party for his girl & there were 4 industrial size Captain bottles. I may have been a bit overzealous, but I sure did my best captain pose :beer2:



                            half unit each

                            Totally switched on Panthers... Houston could get shut out, but I just have a funny feeling about this one. There's also that trend of fading a team who won SU as a dog & is now favored. I don't reallly subscribe to trends all that much, but I have to throw some kind of validity out there.

                            Anyone remember last year when I blindly played the prop 1st score not a TD in the playoffs? Ended up gaining a couple units out of it, & they are always + money. I'm gonna track it this week for ****s & giggles.

                            1st score NOT a TD

                            Buff/Pitt +135

                            Cincy/Clev +130

                            Indy/Tenn +155

                            Hou/Car +125

                            SF/STL +130

                            GB/NYG +100

                            ATL/Jax +135

                            N.O./TB +135

                            Min/Det +135

                            Dal/Mia +135

                            Sea/Zona +140

                            NYJ/Bal +120

                            Oak/Den +140

                            KC/Chi +115

                            assuming 1 unit plays.....
                            Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                              "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
                              -Big Pimpin-