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Divisional Round: One Pick and a Payout Question

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  • Divisional Round: One Pick and a Payout Question

    I only have one pick so far, and it will probably be my only pick.


    Tampa Bay +3 at New Orleans. This is a basic system play, though the system went 2-0 last week and I don't expect it to work every time. Tampa Bay played New Orleans twice, lost SU and ATS twice, yet the line has gone down from the first meeting in New Orleans where the Saints beat them 34-23 and covered a -4 line. The last meeting was a complete blowout for New Orleans.

    So is there a reason for the line to drop like this? New Orleans isn't hitting on all cylinders like earlier in the season, but they're not even close to Pittsburgh who played poorly the last 4-6 weeks of the season. Tampa Bay has been playing well, won 5 in a row, but does not tend to cover vs. teams with good defenses. Brady had his way with Washington, but they still managed to blow the cover.

    I know this is out there, but in my mind I'm also visualizing this similar to Joe Montana's Chiefs years. He played there for 2 seasons, made the playoffs in both. First round Montana won but did not cover I believe, it's just a guess though, I don't have spreads from 1993. Second round he won outright. Third week he lost. I just have a feeling Brady follows similar footsteps.


    Here is my question. I hope I don't come across as bragging, because this is a genuine question.

    Last weekend I hit my parlay. I wanted it to pay more than $10K but didn't want to get one of those CTRs and possibly tax forms from the casino. I know by law that whenever $10,000 or more in cash changes hands in one transaction or even over many sometimes, it requires a CTR. So I split up my bets into multiple tickets. None of them crosses $10,000, including the original stake.

    I did this at a casino that takes me an hour and a half each way to get there, so I don't really feel like going back multiple days to cash out.

    Should I be able to cash out no problem if I go there, cash one, wait a few minutes, cash one, wait a few minutes, cash more? Or do I need to space it out more, wait for shift changes, etc.? I don't mind waiting if I have to if I can avoid any paperwork.

    I've cashed out $4-8K before, and when I do that they do ask me for my players card, even if I forgot it, they make me give them my ID so they can look me up. I don't think that matters cuz there was no paperwork, but I don't think I can get away with a big cashout and they have no record of who I am.

    And because I'm paranoid, how safe is it to walk out of a casino with a bunch of cash in your pocket like that? Should I be worried about my safety at all if someone was watching?

    How should I go about depositing all this cash in my bank account? Do I need to space it out over a few weeks as well?
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    I guess I forgot to hit submit last night. I sprinkled some on the Browns too. It's petty, so won't count that towards my record.

    1-0 Plays

    NFL Playoffs 2020
    5-0 Plays
    0-1 Leans

    In case someone on the internet is searching and wondering about my payout question, the answer is you can only cash out under $10,000 in a day in total, or they need to get your SSN to fill out that CTR. The place I go to asks for your player's card for any cash outs over $1000, so they'll know if you come back multiple times, UNLESS you do enough tickets under $1000.

    So if you've got a lot of money to cash out and you don't want paperwork, it would be a better idea to put the same bet on multiple tickets and come different days. Or if the total is barely over $10,000, you can do a bigger size ticket and split the rest up into $400-500 tickets (total ticket cash out being your stake plus the win).
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