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  • Early wk 3 pick

    Balt @ NE 1st half (MyBookie) 1-1 -0.1

    Balt has scored 38 1st half pts (28 against Mia) and is ranked 4th in off pts avg 31 pts per game.. NE is ranked 29th in off pts and not only has 24 pts this season but only has 10 1st H pts total.

    Balt 1st H -1.5 small

    Curios to see what that line is at game time
    If its fun, do it

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    SF @ Den TTL (MyBookie)

    Both teams ranked 3rd on pts allowed. Actually both teams ranked in top 5 on Def. What Den is good at on Off, SF is better on Def ranked 1st against the pass and 1st against pts allowed. SF is rated top 3 on Def. Both teams have yet to have a game go ov 34 PTs and neither team had a game go ov the spread. The books have set totals for these teams as low 37 1/2 only to go under.

    SF @ Den un 44 1/2 small
    If its fun, do it


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      Buff @ Mia (MyBookie)

      Really wanted to pass on this game but felt compelled to make a small wager. Buff Def is second to none. Ranked 2nd in stopping the pass, TTL yds allowed and TTl pts allowed and 1st in stopping the rush. Their Off is in the top 5, 4 in passing and TTL yds, 1st in scorieing. 14th in rushing but opposed to Mia with a 28th spot, I'll take it. Mia ain't too shabby on Off standing at top 3 at the pass, TTL yds and scoring. But heres the rub, They can't run the ball and suck on Def. 25th pass, 17th rush, 21 at TTL yds and 18th in pts allowed.

      Buff -5 -110 small

      "It all looks good on paper...till the fat lady sings"
      If its fun, do it


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        LV @ Tenn 2nd H

        The O/U 23 1/2. Tenn with their 27 TTl pts this season only 7 came in the second half. Their Off and Def is horrible ranked 24th or worse in every category on O and D with the exception of being 17th against the pass. 30th in pts allowed while LV is 13 in acoring and 9th in passing. I'm a firm believer in first and second half teams

        LV un 23 1/2 2nd H -110 small

        Det @ Minn 2nd H

        I wasn't going to take this bet till I noticed Det was PLUS 2 1/2 not minus. I was pondering the -2 1/2. Minn with their total pts of 30 this year, only 6 came in the second half as opposed to Det's 35. The only thing positive about Minn O and D is 6th in pts allowed VS Det's 2nd in scoring and 3rd in rush and TTL yds. Minn ranks 21st or worse in every category except the 6 and 16th in passing. The score board agrees, Minn is 1 notch above terrible.

        Det +2 1/2 2nd H -110 small

        GB @ TB 2nd HI

        I realised a few yrs ago GB was a first half team.and their record reflects that. 7 against Minn ad 3 against Chi 2nd half of the 34 pts for GB this season. TB is ranked 1st against pts scored. They say defenses win games and thats true in TB's case. Ranked 7th oveall on D and 1st in pts allowed, Their O leaves alot to be disired. All but 12 of TB's pts came in the 2nd H.

        TB -0.5 2nd H -110 small

        Atl @ Sea

        Sea opened -3 and for the life of me don't know why. But the books definitly know more than I do. Sea is ranked 24 or worse in every category with thew exception of a 15th pts allowed O and D. Atl not much better ,but a differense enough to get my attention. Sea won and covered against Den by 1 pt Scoring 17 Pts in that win. Scored 7 pts the next week for a combined ttl of 24 pts and a 1-1 season and 1-1 ATS. Atl sitting at 02 is 2-0 ATS scoring 53 pts this season. Atl is 9th in pts scored VS Sea 29th. I waited for the line to move off
        Atl + 1/2 for a +1. + 0.5 line is actually the hook in a tie game LOL.

        Atl +1 -110 small

        If its fun, do it


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          Dal @ NYG 2nd H

          I can't pass up a small bet when I feel the odds are in my favor. Dal only has 3 pts 2nd H of the 23 pts they have logged this season and Mondays are usually low scoring or basically go under. NYG have scored 34 of their 40 pys in the 2nd H this season.

          NYG -0.5 2nd H -110 small
          If its fun, do it