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  • SB 2018

    PO/PB 7-11-1 -5.45 Put 1 too many in the loss column in my PB thread

    Jus for shiits and giggles

    Phi/NE highest scoring QTR (2nd QTR) +150

    The total of 48 has not moved at my site and will bet it if it doesn't move drastically by game.

    The SB has gone "opposite" (I learned that word from JoePa) :beer2: Has gone opposite last four yrs. PB goes under, SB goes over. The over in the SB is 6-3 last nine.

    Totals that went ov: 47,48,47,461/2, 441/2 and 57.

    One of the three unders landed on 48.

    The fave in the SB is 2-7 ATS last nine

    The fave in the PB is 2-6 ATS last 8, but the fave of the PB is 6-2 ATS in the SB.

    Ain't that the dummest shiit ya ever heard
    If its fun, do it

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    Went ahead and took the over 48. One of my books raised the juice so I got it -110 at my other.

    Phil/NE over 48 -110
    If its fun, do it


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      BOL to ya Uncle Yo.....Hammer em..!!
      Lo there do I See my Father.....Lo there do I See my Mother.....and My Sisters and My Brothers... Lo there do I See the Line of My People Back to the Beginning...Lo they do Call to Me...They Bid Me...Take My Place Among Them...In The Halls of VALHALLA...Where the Brave...May Live...FOREVER..!!


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        That Capo's 89 year old is lookin' for you!

        "Every ass in here is tight"



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          Well Kevin, she was right cute for sure

          Over 481/2 -115

          Phil +0.5 -130 1st QTR
          If its fun, do it