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    how is this for a model of inconsistency:

    Thursday: 3-0 +6Units
    Friday: 0-2 -4.5Units
    Saturday: 4-1 +9.8Units
    Sunday: 0-1 -2.4Units
    Tuesday: 1-0

    CHI -110................everything points to CBJ in this matchup. 3-0-1 L4 AWAY, 5-0-1 L6 Overall, Leclaire miniscule 1.21 GAA so far this year....they beat CHI 7-4 earlier this year....coming off a home SO win over STL riding tons of momentum. They have won 4 of L6 vs. CHI including 3 of L4 at United Center. CHI not playing well at home this year and have given up 15 goals in L3 home games. Pretty much looks like a blowout on paper for CBJ....which is why i am on CHI tonight. Just like the Colorado/Vancouver game on Saturday. Colorado undefeated at home, Vancouver missing players...on and on and on.....i personally think this is a good spot for CHI and i would be shocked not to get a "top notch" (had to throw that in) effort from CHI tonight.

    I am going to play TAM but i am going to wait and see what the line does. I think the line is out of whack. FLA winning 3 of L4 coming in, TAM losers of 7 straight and 3 straight at home. FLA just beat TAM the other night and has beaten them 2 of 3 times this year. I would guess we will see a lot of action on FLA in this game and i think i can do better than -155 if i wait until closer to game time. I like TAM in this spot.

    PHI +125....................they play again on Saturday and if PHI loses i will double up on Saturday. PHI lost all 8 freeking times to PIT last year and they know it. They had just an awful performance vs. the Rangers on Monday and i would be surprised to see a poor performance tonight. Whitney is out for PIT, which is a big loss for them on special teams and overall. And PIT has been all over the place so far this year in terms of consistency. PHI has alternated W/L and it's time for the "W". If they don't get 'em tonight they will get 'em on Saturday....

    way too much juice on a couple of other games.......i really want to play BOS, as well if anyone can talk me into that or out of

    GL to everyone!
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !

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    So what are you saying with the pattern you point out of your last 5 days....fade time tonight?? lol

    FYI...looks like Norrena in net tonight for the blowjobs....that Hawks play looks even better! I'm going to tail you on that one.
    Flyers....tough one...Crosby is really turning it on, and against that Flyer defence, I can see the Pens scoring some goals (unless Biron stones 'em). If Fluery is in net, I might play the over in that one.

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    • #3 tonight, the rangers game was brutal we cant keep on giving up 40+ shots every single game, but i think we rebound tonight after the embarassing efforts vs the Pens all season last year, take a look at TB tonight
      To A Phillies World Series :beerbang:

      Flyers and Eagles --- its your turn:beerbang:

      1 unit=25 dollars
      2 units=50, etc.. and so on


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        gl ff


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            GL tonight ff, im on your flyers tonight as well.


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              Man, your boys are making the Pens look real bad. The Pens' issues with defense continue and Sidney is without much help(CAN THERRIEN PLEASE GET "WHIFFS" RECCHI AS FAR AWAY FROM SID AS POSSIBLE!?!?!?). Not looking like it's going to be 9 in a row after tonight.


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                Originally posted by NittanyLions94 View Post
                :dunno: Crosby is playing with Malkin & Malone...


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                  everyone- THX!.....broke the streak jinx

                  nice effort by PHI tonight....and the CBJ in the 3P...

                  3-0 +6.5Units...

                  GL to everyone!
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                  I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                    Originally posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
                    :dunno: Crosby is playing with Malkin & Malone...
                    Not on every shift this season. Recchi has been out there with Sid quite a bit and there is nothing more frustrating to watch than Sid put one right on Recchi's blade and the old man whiffs.

                    Colby Armstrong should be playing with Sid.