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  • JML Tuesday >>>

    YTD: 62-79, -35.31 Units

    Getting these in early on Monday night...

    Devils +117 vs Flyers - 2 Units
    Going on a hunch here that Philly lays an egg...they've been on a roll, but coming off their biggest win of the year (over the depleted Sens), I expect a letdown....and they happen to be facing their nemesis, the Devils, who have completely owned them this year (4 straight blowout wins), and usually do every year (8 of last 10)...I'm thinking the Devils manage to get this win in a close game...

    Flames -145 vs Wild - 4 Units
    I kinda liked the Wild Monday against the Canucks...but figured both Luongo and the whole Canucks team were due for a win...but alas, Vancouver looks horrible again. BUT, I also watched this game figuring that after a Wild win, I would be all over the Flames one short night later. Wild on the b2b and should be in tough against a Calgary team that owns the Wild (3 of 4 this year, and 7 of 10 overall), are rested, and have 2 nice wins in a row. I think the Flames hold their home ice, and the Wild get out of Western Canada happy with the split.

    GL :thumbs:
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    JML- GL!....not often it think you're way off base, but i do today on PHI........first of all, NJD is a bigger game than OTT as it's probably their biggest rival and a division game. Second, i would be SHOCKED if PHI has a let down today vs. NJD. This game is for first place in the division and a it's a team they need to beat. I agree that fading PHI is probably good at some point in their next couple games, but not today. Not to mention the fact that, as you said, NJD have owned them and i would think the PHI would like to get a W in vs. them ASAP.

    I am on CAL today. I thought VAN played pretty well last night. They completely outshot MIN but just couldn't put the puck in the net.

    Put me down for CAL and PHI Over and PHI today.....:thumbs:....heading out and trying to get back for the start of the PHI game (4PM here...ugghhhh) but probably will miss the 1st period. GL!....:thumbs:
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      No problem, FF...always appreciate your've got me off many a bad play! :thumbs:

      I understand that the Flyers will be up for this divisional game, much more than an Ottawa game....for sure. I meant "biggest" in score (6-1), not relevance. I just think with them rolling so great lately, and with the confidence coming off the Ottawa game blowout, they are feeling pretty good about themselves, and b/c of that, I have a hunch they lose this one. I think they're stroking each others cocks a little to hard lately, and are due for a wake-up call against the division's elite. With Crosby out for 2 months in Pittsburgh...I have the Devils winning that Division. And it starts tonight, IMO.

      Looking into it last night, I was also thinking that their little streak was against some average competition (injured Ott, NYI, FLA, Was, NYR, ATL, Tor) so i guess my feeling was that they wouldn't have a letdown because it was the Devils was more of a hunch that they lose finally playing an elite team who they have had no success against. Remember...the Devils will be up for this game as much as the Flyers, and seem to know how to get the job done in this specific matchup. Could be wrong (and now that I've written so much on it, I'm definitely wrong!, lol!) NJ hasn't exactly been playing too great the past 3 games themselves.

      Simply, I think the Devils are the better team, with better goaltending and better coaching, and have the huge history over this certain to get them as a huge dog, with the Flyers a bit over-confident, and due for a loss, IMO after coasting through some easier ones, I liked my chances.

      One thing's for sure...I should have waited, as I could have got NJ @ +128 today, lol!

      For both of these plays...I was playing the team who I think has the better overall talent, and has owned the opponent in recent history (with the Flames being juiced b/c of the Wild b2b). I'm pretty sure I'll get 1 one, and I'm hoping for a sweep...

      GL with your plays!! :thumbs:

      yeah...Vancouver could have won that game...but they cannot put the puck in the finishers...the main reason I haven't played them as a substantial favourite all year. Too many close games....and when they do win, it's usually a squeaker, and had a lot to do with Luongo. Now with Luongo struggling a bit, they aren't winning those 2-1, 3-2 type games anymore. Hopefully after a few more weeks of their offensive ineptness, the Leafs will be able to fleece them for a Sundin trade, lol...
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        Leafs finally fire GM Ferguson today. :beerbang:

        Fletcher is hired to come in and clean house before the deadline, until a permenant GM can be found in the Summer.

        Let the Sundin Sweepstakes begin.... :beer2:


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          Originally posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
          Let the Sundin Sweepstakes begin.... :beer2:
          The Wings will take him:thumbs: Then, with some good luck health wise, the cup comes back to Hockeytown:beer2:


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            GL today JML :thumbs:
            Overall Records

            Each play is to win the # of units posted unless it's a dog then I'm betting that amount.


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              Originally posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
              Leafs finally fire GM Ferguson today. :thumbs:

              Let the Sundin Sweepstakes begin....

              I thought sundin said he is only satisfied being a leaf? Now the Leafs need to get Belfour back :) and I am on board watching every game no matter what the bar tab is at the place that has center Ice..

              Good Luck!
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                Sundin will soften his stance, when they ask him closer to the deadline, IMO. Last place team or chance at a cup...your choice Mats.

                Dude...Belfour is like 50, and playing in Europe somewhere....


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                  Senators -126
                  vs Panthers
                  Looking for the Sens to bounce back after their embarrasing losses to Philly and TB....looks like Alfie is back tonight, and that should give them a big boost, and Ottawa has won 6 straight over the horrible Panthers....who have lost 4 of 5 and 7 of 10 themselves, and have some injury issues as well....congrats on another high draft pick, Florida...

                  3 Units

                  GL :thumbs:
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                    Devils are 15-1-1 last 17 vs Philly me thinks (though I could be wrong).

                    Let's go Martyyyy!!!!! :thumbs:

                    It's also funny, like ironic funny, that you called the Devs the divisons elite and I think that they are last in the league in goals scored with only like 115.

                    Big game tonight for sure, even I'll be watching. I've already gone to more games this year then in the past decade since I can take the damn train. Saw Philly lose their twice, the Rangers, and Florida last week. Got Isles and Rangers tix on deck too...
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                      Gl Jml!


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                        Originally posted by CuseFan10 View Post
                        It's also funny, like ironic funny, that you called the Devs the divisons elite and I think that they are last in the league in goals scored with only like 115.
                        Yeah...I know they haven't lit the lamp like they've wanted to so far this year, but they are always at or near the top of that division every year, and you always have to go through them to win it. And that's never been their game....exciting goalscoring hockey....they once again this year are near the best in goals against (2nd overall)....that's their game! They still are currently 10 games over .500 and 1 point out of the division lead (with a game in hand). They are still elite. And with the Pens injury problems, and Philly's guranteed late-season fade...I'll stand by my prediction of the Devils being in 1st at the end. Got the best coach in the Division (maybe the league) as well!



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                          1-0 Flyers already...scratch that, Cuse.....the Devils blow! :laughing:


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                            JML- had the XM on all day today in the car.......knew you would be pumped. From what i hear, there is more going on than the GM problems. Apparently there is some kind of power struggle on the board and they are having their issues, as well.

                            He had to go before the trade deadline and i figured he would as i said last week. You can't have him making deadline decisions if he hasn't done anything right to date. And i think that also signals FIRE SALE in Toronto or they would have kept him until the end of the season. If you weren't planning on making any moves, then why bother to can him now. But to get rid of him before the upcoming deadline i think means they are going to try and unload as much as they can....ala PHI last year.
                            I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                              Originally posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
                              1-0 Flyers already...scratch that, Cuse.....the Devils blow! :laughing:

                              :thumbs: ......there wasn't a snowball's chance of a let down tonight.....they may still lose this one in the end, but it will be because the Devils outplayed them......not because PHI was flat.
                              I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !