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NHL thursday with flmmkrz

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  • NHL thursday with flmmkrz

    fade away cause it doesnt get any colder than me in pucks right now:

    Leafs +115 x 2 units

    essentially playing for nothing now so they should pick up where they left off before last game.

    I'd take florida too but I'm not laying that chalk with that ****ty ass team but they'll probably be the 1 of the 2 that wins here

    Also off the nhl ice and back to juniors, tailing the same guy that had me on brampton in that 63 shot loss

    Pinny still has the 50 dollar limits on these so im playing these each for 150 cause my patience ran out after 3 hits on the first game so I just kept it the same across the board.

    Barrie +425 x 150

    London +180 x 150

    Sarnia +210 x 150

    2 outta 3 in the juniors would be great.
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    1 more addition:

    Pens ml x Caps ml @ +120 x 2 units

    Pens should lay a whuppin on the isles. Caps were chalky and especially so as a road fave thats why I threw in the pens to up the price but caps are still alive and they arent going to hand away winnable points easily and the bolts might as well sew up the stamkos sweepstakes now with Smith out.


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      Looks like you went 3-0 in the juniors for a whole lotta money... :thumbs:


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        kickin myself for not going thru and hitting them for the full 250 per play but bailed out the horrible leafs play, the parlay won as well.

        all in all a good night.


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          ouch, just took a look at my account and pinny grades ot as a push in junior hockey. That sucks as it kills the Sarnia win.