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NHL friday with flmmkrz

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  • NHL friday with flmmkrz

    to start i'm jumping on the fishy line:

    jackets -105 to win 2 units

    preds should be favored, preds need the win, jackets have back up Norrena in while Leclaires out and the publics all over the preds so instead of the line cruising upwards its in freefall and makes the game a pickem from the -125 open. Nothing about this line makes sense so put me on the other side.

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    another head scratcher line move:

    Vancouver Canucks +147 x 2 units

    Line opens huge for the wild at -185 and drops to -157. On what? Lui was reportedly always going to play this one, hell the team didnt even call up a farm hand to play back up just in case so I cant explain the drop. We have the injuries and a goalie thats off no sleep and we get the retreating line so I'll take a shot. Time for Luongo to post a shut out so he can tell baby Gabby that on the day she was born he shut down the wild and got them one step closer to the cup :laughing:


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      guess my lesson of the day is don't fade odd line moves cause the jackets are stinking up this 2nd period


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        I'm awesome lmao.

        I can't pick a winner on ice lately so I start reading line movements and I can't do that either.

        I think I'm joining ff on the sidelines in pucks.